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How do you get weed when you travel?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokingbud, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hey dudes

    How do you score bud when you're somewhere you've never been before?
  2. take it with you. when flying, wrap up a bit (3-6 grams) in plastic wrap (in a little ball), tape to your nut bag or (if you are a lady) where the top of your inner thigh meets your crotch.

    If you do get patted by airport security, it's going to be in too remote an area for them to hit (ive been patted at least twice at different airports using this method - each time i was shitting my pants, but they didnt grab my balls so i was good).

    seriously, once you're passed security, you're good to go. the trickiest part about this method is if your stash STANKS; you gots to figure that out on your own.

    I estimate that ive traveled by plane using this method at least 7 times and each time im glad i did because i had a nice little stash for the duration of my trip (just did SanFran > Hawaii last month :)

    Also, if you're staying at a hotel, mail it there a day or 2 before you get there. Ive done this 3-4 times as well and it works just as well (especially if you want to include your piece in the package).

    dont sweat traveling with small ammounts of weed - aint no thang.
  3. remember never to put it in your bag, ever. lipper has it right tie it to your leg, so it wont fall off either, make sure that shit is not going anywhere. if you will be searched its predetermined on your flight ticket with an S in a square box. if you see an S by itself in a box simply reschedule your flight an hour later or get a different seat on the plane. make sure its smell tight in a vacuum sealed bag

    its actually less sketchy to bring it on a plane rather then to try and buy it where u are going to.
  4. I wonder what kind of shit you'd get yourself into if you got caught with weed at an airport. I wonder if there's some kind of 'extra' laws that apply for that sort of thing. Anybody know?
  5. Jesus i think weed is like not even a "drug", just a plant. What a stupid fucking government with all these laws saying what human beings can and can't do, especially American human beings, the best kind of human beings! Vote libertarian!!!

  6. thats a good question. i would think that it would be whatever the rule of law is in that local municipality. but i could be wrong. not sure if airports are under some sort of federal jurisdiction....

    as an aside, i have been battling cancer since 11/07, so weed is a supplement to my 'official' meds. that being the case, i stopped giving a fuck about weed-on-my-persons as soon as the doc broke the news to me. that makes a big difference when traveling and stuff as i am never nervous about having weed on me, carrying it, etc etc. security (if they're not toally brain-dead) should be able to pick up on nervousness, etc.

    sorry for the ramble, just my 2 cents.
  7. find a dude who looks like a stoner and ask him whats up with some weed. if the random guy was me i would go out of my way to help you out.
  8. I just ask random people that look like they smoke and that has always worked just fine for me.
  9. Depends on where I'm goin!

    In Copenhagen - Go to Christiana, look at the stands on pusher street and choose your hash and weed strains by price and name. Nice little situation.

    In Amsterdam - Coffeeshop hop all day long, buying and smoking all day hahah.

    In Mexico (cancun) - went to this market and started looking at the cigars/pipes. Some dude asked if I needed anything 'special' and he led me to the back room. Weed was really shitty but cheap as well.

    Barcelona - Walked around the pier area until I was offered weed, took about 15 minutes haha. Higher quality than Mexico, more expensive, but a little more shady.

    Those are the only places I've bought weed while traveling.
  10. I made pills and took those along, which seemed easier.
  11. read

    they have some helpful information on getting weed wherever you're going
  12. true, all true, but you can't even bring plants through to other countries beause of dangerous ecosystem clashes and moulds and stuff. so, even if it was considered a plant rather than a drug, you might still have difficulty taking it places (depending on where you go). which kind of sucks!

    op: either do the crotch method and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO METAL ON YOU. then they have a right to search you. don't wear shoes with a big heel, remember to take your belt off, coins out the pocket etc. basically only carry threads on your body (and the weed ofc)

    ive done it, it wasn't as nerve wracking as you might think. but i didn't get searched.
  13. I wouldn't take it through an airport, unless you want to risk drug trafficking charges. They can randomly search anyone they want to for any reason. I've gotten through security without so much as a free ass grab, and I've had full body pat-downs. It's unpredictable.

    Just ask around when you get to your destination. It's easy to spot other stoners.

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