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how do you get the most kief from grinder

Discussion in 'General' started by Chopsmoker420, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I personally put a quarter in the spot were the bud falls into and then hit it agents my hand a couple times. What do you do? What's the best way? I would also like to apologize for my previous posts that were against the GC rules I didn't mean to offend anyone and I didn't know the rules were taken so seriously. It won't happen again.
  2. dime or penny usually works better IMO

    ive heard ball bearings work well. (small ones, obviously)
  3. So the smaller the better? And wouldn't the weight of the quarter hitting the bud be greater than a penny or dime?
  4. Ive heard the old "put a coin in there" trick and tried it, its bunk.

    I find swirling a knife or paperclip over the screen (not too hard or you'll ruin your screen) to make the herb "vibrate" around makes the most keif drop.
  5. I keep my grinder clean.
    Whatever falls through... cool

    I also have a brush from my mlfb
  6. by that logic im just gonna set my grinder on my sub from now on lol
  7. What a great idea
  8. I put a penny in there and if I'm trying to get as much as possible I'll tap the bottom against a notebook or something
  9. I know my buddy uses a nickle because the edges are serrated they are smooth. I can neither confirm or deny on how well it actually works though. He swears by it and always has a reasonable amount of kief.
  10. I keep a quarter and a bass pick for scraping in my grinder. Works pretty damn well :hello:
  11. I just grind up the bud then furiously shake the grinder side to side so the bud slides against the screen. Swift tap on the desk gets the screen clean again.

    Works every time.
  12. There's sooo much kiefs caught up and embedded in the threads of my grinder's screen and kief catcher plates. All shades of Green particulates just crammed in the threadings of screwtop/lids. I tried taking a fine edged tooth pick and scrape it out--but recovery is poor. So hey
  13. Anyone else try to keep the keif on their bud?
    I do, if I want concentrate ill buy some hashish

  14. I always take max kief from my bud.

    This way when I do eventually run out of bud and my dealer is dry, I crack that sucker open and have a hell of a day.
  15. A friend of mine always uses a brush, I think it's some sort of makeup brush or something, but man I tried that one day with what I thought was a clean grinder, and I ended up with a nice yield, and a nice high.
  16. A brush is key for a grinders well being

    And maximum trichrome recovery

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