how do you get over

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Omioblivion, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. a girl that you dated for two years and you just broke up with her.

    it fucking suckss
  2. You're a dumbass for breaking up with her.
    Don't waste board space for shit that was your own fault.
  3. How about next time you

    a) don't break up with her if you care enough to waste board space.
    b) put it in the right forum instead.
    c) grow up and get over it, you broke up with her so stfu.

    Easiest way(s) to deal with it.
  4. lol Damn.

    This kid got shot down quick as hell.

    Life goes on, man. Roll with the punches. "Don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is going to be alright"- Bob Marley. The only time shit like this impacts peoples life negatively is when they let it get to them.

    Keep truckin'
  5. Poor guy, you got friggin torn a new one. This IS in the wrong section, but I took it as "I need other drugs to get over this." Anyway, try something new (drugs or not, whatev) and find someone else to hang out with; all the time.
  6. shit guys, my bad. thought you might wanna help. and you guys took it as if "i broke up with her" no its was the other way around.

    i was just looking for some insight.

    god damn....
  7. Ok, here is an updated answer.

    a) Why did the relationship fail? Can you possibly fix it?
    b) Some things just aren't meant to work, accept it and move on.
    c) Get laid, pussy solves a lot of problems. (Can also cause them too.)
    d) If nothing can be done, just accept it. Life goes on man.

  8. yeah another girl would fix everything
  9. this..
  10. Lol, stick to giving pill advice my man.

    Your no therapist.
  11. Just speaking through more experience. Me and my girlfriend of 4 years broke up last year, and that shit was fucking hard man. If I would have had that to look at, it probably would have saved me a few months and a few hundred bucks.

    Doesn't work for everyone but it's fairly straightforward.
  12. LoL Time fixes and heals all wounds even those which you think are irrepairable. Trust me.. been der dun dat

  13. thanks guys, i think i can move on.
    its just been hard as fuck these first couple days you know
  14. Smoke weed:confused_2:. Thats what I do when I'm sad. Hey it could be worse, a doctor could be telling u that u have an inoperable brain tumor or something crazy like that.

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