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How Do You Get Higher Without Greening Out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TomSelleckBA, May 21, 2013.

  1. Whenever I smoke by myself i can only smoke so much (3 med. bowls) till the high starts to get uncomfortable and dizzy. How do I prevent this should take hits farther apart. My hits aren't that big, so should I start milking it, I want to get crazy high while still being relaxed? Any help?
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    Put some ice in your bong, it won't get you higher but it can eliminate the dizziness
  3. Roll a joint? 
  4. I would roll a joint but it takes too much weed and i don't buy that often, I do like the relaxed high from joints though
    The ice in the bong idea sound like it might work I'll try it
  5. Yeah, and keep your piece clean, I'm ocd about cleaning glass.. lol.. 
  6. Eat and drink between hits.
  7. Stay hydrated
  8. I think this is a big one. Drinking a big glass of water about 10 minutes before you smoke may help out a lot
  9. I've drank water before smoking before and now that I think about it that does work well
  10. Never done it before, but eat a mango I hear.
  11. I never get dizzy but I do stay hydrated. The only time it's been uncomfortable was the few times my tolerance was very low due to taking a break then smoking some good bud.
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    dubs oops
  13. Develop a tolerance lol, but why would you ever want to?
    Consider yourself lucky you can get so high off so little, you have no problem whatsoever here man in fact you have a leg up on all of us
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    Eat a nice meal before you smoke. Stay hydrated. Take it easy, it's no competition you dont have to take a gram to the dome ya know. Enjoy the act of smoking. And just overall develop a tolerance. I dont know why you would want this though.
  15. i recomend drinking tea with your bowls it always takes away that dizzy edge and makes me not fall asleep
  16. that will get him higher. 
  17. Take Omega 3's. stay hydrated and well fed, you shouldn't experience many if any negative symptoms of greening out :p

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