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how do you get a loved one to start smokin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nodestiny, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I want my chick to experiance this great feeling. See, we were together for 2.5 years, broke up, i started smokin, then we got back together and i had to quit. Over time, ive shown her info on how it doesnt cause brain damage, and all the shit the government lies about. So she is at a spot where she isnt against it but still "I would never smoke up" basicly.

    So whats the way to do it? I cant really smoke until this day comes...
  2. Tell her that weed is apart of your life. And since you're in her life, she has to accept that.

    Tell her that you want her to try it. Just once. I wouldn't beat around the bush. Be straight forward with her. She might take you more seriously.

    I hope that made sense... i'm a bit schtoned. :smoking::hippie::smoking:
  3. I told my boyfriend that there was no way in hell that I would ever quit for someone ever again....this is who I am, so you just deal with it.

    Eventually after hearing me talk about how *wonderful* weed is all the time, he started doing it with me...he loves it now!
    Maybe he could hear the love for it in my voice, I don't know...maybe just seeing that there is such a thing as a smart pothead helped.

    Just tell her how great it is!

  4. I do all the time, i tell her the stories about when we broke up about my whole high life. She is interested in the stories and i always tell her how great it was, but she always says "From your description, i already know what its like and dont need to try it." I hear that one alot too.

    And knuckles, man i am whipped as fuck! I dont talk to my chick that way, its hard to come strait foreward on something like that because i would choose her over weed. I would quit smoking the second i knew it would jepordize my relationship. I just think about mary jane alot when im not doing it.

  5. Perfect answer... I could not have said what I wanted to say any better!!!!!!!!
  6. Well after 4 hours of fighting, she wont accept it. So it looks like im quitting.
  7. thats crazy talk man.. just tell her that you won't smoke around her or something like that.. Or do it covert OP shit.. keep it on the DL........ damn,,
  8. I think it's her decision. Tell her you'd like her to try it with you. If she refuses, then leave it at that. You shouldn't try and force her tho.

  9. I did do it behind her back, she didnt know. Then i was talking to her and she gave me the OK to do it as long as she didnt see it, but then you could tell she regreted it. Her whole thing is the image of me holding a J or something hurts her. Then i told her she wouldnt notice a differance because i had been doing it. Then she told me i cant do it and she will not accept it.
  10. If you're willing to take ultimatums from her, there's not much help anyone can give you. If you think quitting is better for you as a person, then perhaps you should. But if you have no reason to give it up, other than her demands, then that's a big problem. If she can't articulate a suitable reason for wanting you to quit, ask her to keep thinking, or stop bothering you about it. Of course, I'm sure you won't do that, but it's one possibility among many. I hope she's an incredible girl, because you're allowing yourself to be dominated and repressed because of her.

  11. If love them as much as you say then you wouldn't force anything upon them unless they want to do it.
  12. Why is it such a big deal for him to try to force her to smoke? SHE is forcing him to quit, right? Really, if I was with someone for a measly 3 years, and they were like hey.. quit smoking or I'm gone.. I'd say, "hey that's your choice."
    I see something really wrong with the "do this or else", which seems to be basically what she's doing.
    And then there's that she said it's ok, then you said you had been doing it and she didn't even know, and then she said don't do it.. I see big problems with that. But.. eh, I'm glad I'm not you. :)
  13. I know EXACTLY waht you are going through! I myself started a thread that had to do with this very same thing. I love my girl but I love the weed. She doesn't want me to do it so much...maybe you should try to get her to compromise with you on this. Even though my girl is willing ot compromise and I cant' (and won't) because i feel that she should love me for who I am and that s a weed smoker. But you 've been wiht your chick longer than I've been with mine so I don't know what to tell ya...i'm having issues still myself!!!!!!
  14. lol... well i dunno.. if she dont smoke its her loss.... but just keep asking her and tell her how much fun it is.

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