How do you get a girlfriend?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Im 19 and never had a girlfrined in my life and I have no idea how to get one. How do I start a conversation with her without looking weird? Plus I get super nervous to the point where its hard to think. How do you guys do it?
  2. be suave, but not cocky. In my experience, girls like guys who have self confidence, but not to the point of self-centeredness. There really is now tried and true method, and it's hit or miss really, but just be yourself and if it works ok, and if not, find somebody else.
  3. damn dude that fucking sucks lol! just find some girl that you feel comfortable talking to, and then go from there, and just remember to not get nervous cuz it makes it worse! Just chill and if things get awkwardly quiet then you need to make sure you have something to say like "what you doin this weekend" etc etc... gl man!

  4. Try to be funny. Dont be boring. Girls like a good sence of humor and sobody they can have fun with.
  5. Lets say your at the grocery market and you see a girl your interested in approaching. How would you approach her and what would you say?
  6. First off, Self confidence is rule #1-#50.

    You have to have self confidence.

    You have to.

    You wont last if you dont.

    Approach her or whatever, And jus have the attitude like it dont really matter if she wants to talk to you or not like you kinda have more important things to do.

    The if she's really feelin you then you start paying moe attention and everything.

    But really its going to take prolly atleast 3 relashionhsips before you figure out how to play the game right. Maybe less, Maybe more. Depends on how self confident you are.
  7. say anything man, make a comment on what shes buying at..I dunno just make shit up.
  8. The trick i've found is to always give the woman the option of being able to remove herself from an uncomfortable position. Don't be indecisive, but ask her if she is comfortable, if she's okay with whatever.

    Woman are pretty ego-centric. Ask them about themselves, ask playful questions, if she's interested she'll return the interest.

    Don't be overly opinionated, it seems that when meeting woman, they're not interested in your politics or religious beleif, leave that for the fighting during dating. There is plenty of time to tell her she is a facist war monger when she is huking a lamp at you.
  9. and by all means, never let her see this thread
  10. Dont try. Just act yourself.

    I really think trying too hard will just end up in your breaking up. Your acting.

    Its not who you are, its who you think she wants you to be.

    Just be yourself, and your soulmate will come along.
  11. First of all, don't worry about getting a girlfriend just because you're 19 and you think you should have one, or anything like that. Find a girl you like and try forming a relationship with her because you want the bond, the companionship, the fun, and all the other things that go into relationships. Don't just do it to say you got a girl.

    This may sound cliche as hell, but be yourself. I've had experiences with guys trying to be something other than what they are, and if the girl has an IQ bigger than her shoe size and a personality better than that of a piece of wet cardboard, she'll see through it and that can be a turn off. Don't "try" to be anything.

    Now, with that said... Humor is a plus. Think of ways to make her laugh, but don't force it. Be sweet and a gentleman. I think holding a door open for a woman (or anyone, but I'll keep this relevant) and other such things are forgotten and overlooked. But let me tell you, I get angry when my boyfriend doesn't do it because I believe in chivalry. Anyway, sorry, I digress.

    No offense jackattack, but I think this is a rather difficult subject to ask advice on because you're going to get so many different responses - you may end up more confused. Just relax and let things happen naturally. Find a girl you like, start a simple conversation, and go from there.

    Ya win some, ya lose some, but I hope you find happiness in your quest.
  12. Yeh, self conscience is a key thing, that and some charm..thats what i do, and ive got a couple girls around my finger :)

  13. Thats the motto I live by, If I have to make significant changes in the way I act to attract a female, imo its not worth it.

    I havent had a GF in 3 years, and im tired of getting shit from people i know for not having an uncontrolable sexual drive.
  14. -R_M said it the best, really.
    -just find common ground... anything that you can both share a conversation over (music, sports, games, nature, hobbies, w/e!)
    -as KSR said, self confidence is key... if you don't act like you're worth being around, why would she want to be, ya know?
    -the one thing i don't agree with about what KSR said, don't act like you've got better things to do... that's the arrogance that needs to stay out of your way... really, if you aren't comfortable around a girl, it's probably not a relationship you'd want to be in
    -do you have girl friends? are you comfortable talking with them? i had a few good friends who were female in HS and it made it easier for me to spark convos with other girls based on things i picked up on from my girl friends
    -i don't know man, it's somewhat of a natural thing for me, if you feel like you're forcing it, move on, eventually you'll find a woman that you're comfortable talking with and it just "feels so right"-311
    -always be real! don't invent the guy you think she would like...

    (edit:) on what babytoker said, many women think chivalry is dead, if you can prove to them it isn't, you're in for a ride brah.... open car door for them rather than just remote unlocking, open doors, (in a nice restaurant) pull chair, take coat, if it's cold offer coat, if you go hang out at the mall or somewhere with a big parking lot walk on the outside of her so she is closer to the parked cars and you to the cars that would come down the lane, if you take her out- pay... these are all things i do to make her feel like she's special, make her feel like a lady... something that seriously lacks but wins hearts

    and as i've heard from all three serious g/fs i've had, it's the little things that count (and obviously i don't do them :rolls eyes: )
  15. LMAO! rep+
  16. Very well put. Basically, just make up some random excuse to talk to a girl you like. It could be as simple as asking to borrow a pen and then while she fishes one our of her purse just start talking. Things will get more comfortable as time goes on, don't worry.
  17. i like this link:
    ^look at the bottom of the page, there are a bunch of very informative articles. Do you have girl buddies who you can just chill and talk with? Before you try relationships you definately need to learn how to just talk with the opposite sex. See what they like to talk about. And be fun.. nobody's really attracted to the "average" person.

    What KSR said is true, but when you're really attracted to a girl, it's very hard to pretend like you have better things to do. I know i can't lol.
  18. That's a good site thanks man:hello:
  19. how i got my fience was i had been in 3 bad relationships and needed a break thats when i noticed that she was looking at me and i did like her but was like u didnt know how to approch her. we started to become friends and then she finally asked me if im going to ask her out or not and i said yes. we have been together for 7 months now and have been engauged for a month and a week and havent been happier. my advise to u is to be urself and just bring up a subject that she might be interested in and if he is interested she will talk back and there u go then just start moveing it a little farther after a few weeks or so but dont push her too far or she will think u are pushy or a jerk

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