How do you get a girl who hates you to start talking to you again

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  1. I won't go into details but imagine the most fucked up scenario where everyone walks out of the room and it was my fault. Now you're there how do I get up on the road to redemption? I was thinking about sketching a picture of her which I'm probably gonna do but I need more ammo for my arsenal. Girls of GC your advice would be greatly welcome....and guys of course too. Thanks for the help in advance any input is not only welcome but encouraged. Thanks :D
  2. Buy her stuff! Also, apologize like crazy and act extremely pathetic :D
  3. is she into macho shit?
  4. No, shes into sweeties, thats why she wants a big huge teddy bear and a heartfelt apology from the knees :smoke:

  5. [​IMG]
    Just make sure you do a better job than this.

    Actually... scratch that. Just think of something less creepy.
  6. hm, ok...:smoke:

  7. Whatever you did must be pretty terrible if someone now hates you and 'it' caused everyone to leave the room.

    Some things said and done can be forgiven and things worked out, others cannot. It depends on the circumstances, and the people involved. Start with a sincere apology, and then respect the wishes of the person/people involved as to whether or not they want to have anything to do with you.
  8. OP.. First thing you are going to have to ask yourself.. is this worth it? or are u setting yourself up for something you will have to go through again? it's a pretty bold question and I probably have no right to ask it. But seriously..

    I lost the girl I love too many times to count.. I have redeemed myself. lost her. redeemed myself. lost her. And finally. after 4 years... i have finally set myself free.. so you really have to ask yourself.. ya know? i feel ya homie. and being the one to ruin everything is always the biggest heartbreak. but you can seize the moment and move on. or fight for your life back. I have never regreted all I went through with my girl.. but i'm glad it's over now...
  9. lolz she's Buddhist and vegetarian very heartfelt person and I know she'll forgive me because she's that kind of person but I don't know this time I don't know if she'll ever let me get that close again which sucks cuz she totally opened up to me and was willing whilst I had the chains and whips of the past scarring me scared *sigh* And she's one of those smart but homely girls. What do you guys think of a CD mix and some chocolates? CD mix is so high school lmao but extremely manipulative in tuning someone's emotions towards your favor. :p

    This is what I was afraid of lol

  10. Oh she's definitely worth it without a doubt. Without a doubt
  11. If she's intelligent, she probably won't want to be involved with you in any other way than to be friends. This is nothing against you, it's against the dynamic of the relationship itself.

    Some people are quick to move on, when they accept that you can love a number of people, without truly being in-love with any of them. There are people you will meet who you will have virtually no arguments with, and no heated discussion that extend past the discussion itself.. in other words, some people get along well enough, and have a strong enough kinship or connection, that these little situations just plain don't happen. It's absolutely ok to have polite, creative differences, especially when first getting to know each other, but intense clashes are a sign something is wrong.

    This is the kind of 'thing' that happens between friends, and blood family, in other words people you like but don't like to spend every waking minute of every single day interacting with, but it does NOT happen to the best emotional partnerships or lovers. Sure, it happens all the time to people who 'think' they are in love, but incompatible people live together, marry, and die together of old age, without ever realizing they could have had better.

    An argument to this degree is natures way of telling you that you have the ability to easily rub each other the wrong way, and that better options for romance probably exist. If you don't take these signs seriously now, you'll be going through this for years, while you in fact do still continue to bond and feel yourselves becoming 'closer', but only due to familiarity, which makes it all the more confusing.

    So you need to ask yourself.. is it really worth it? Or are your hormones and emotions getting the better of you. Because the longer you stick around when it isn't right, the harder it is to leave, and the more of your life and youth you'll be wasting.
  12. Show her your cock.
  13. She's my Dr. Cuddy, my Karen to Hank Moody minus the kid

  14. OHHHHHH, NOW I understand. You are 12.
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    Actually I'm 6 but you were half a dozen shy. A for effort :D

    The relationship between her and I is complicated. There will always be some sort of friction between us and I acknowledge that and quite frankly if there were none I would have been over her a long time ago but its this friction that makes this relationship unique that once in a lifetime opportunity you have to find your better. I knew this the first day I met her and that was 5 years ago. I had a chance to officially make it a relationship but that would have involved me not moving to New Jersey for work. That was 2 years ago. I expected too much from her time froze for me when I left and came back but not for her. The only thing that sucks the most is that its near impossible to talk to her about all that without some level of discomfort rising. She thinks I only love her or only want to be with her as some conquest or some king of the hill shit when that faaaaaar from the case. How do I convince her otherwise?
  16. Brotha man, if this was a class in school i'd be the teacher for it. Imma drop it on you like this (makes handseals) it goes like this, The only way to get a girl that hates you to talk to you again is to take the first step and let whatever happened go. Once you're done that on a serious level, just go to the girl and just try to talk it out, even if she avoids you, just talk. For the moment, this ain't about her talkin to you again so much as you just want her to know that whatever happened was your fault, you're not willing, let me throw that at you one more gin, NOT WILLIN to accept that and so on and so forth.

    1 of 2 things will happen...

    she'll start to talk to you because it'll sound like your bein a dick and not takin responsibility for whatever happened or she'll ignore you.

    The trick is to kinda annoy to the point where she'll have to speak to you. Though not having all the details and I can't really give you anything outside of this here jutsu. Trust me, it works, you just have to know how to do it. The point of this all is to get a rise out of her. Any rise is a good rise, just as long as she gives you something to defend yourself or comment to. Don't draw and use this all the time, just maybe uhh out of a week say you see her 5 days, do it like three times out of a week.

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  17. Unconditional love.. show her all that matters is her, if there is no hidden reason to staying with her. u should have no problem telling the truth.
  18. Yea she was not worth it. I treat all girls the same I just go deeper with the girls that open the doorways to their heart and she was not one of them. She's been on some bullshit thought I seen it and if things keep up, which is me not giving a fuck and keep on doin' my thing she's gonna come back as an option simply because her own drama's gonna convince her of that lol but I'm not trippin' I'm always two steps ahead. Oh well her loss lol but you snooze you lose. On to the next one. Thanks for all the advice fellas and females :D
  19. There's no way anyone can help you without knowing what you did. The most fucked up scenario that caused everyone to leave the room sounds like you cut off someone's head and sodomized the corpse during a dinner party and you're just hoping she'll visit you on death row.

    A sketch and chocolates probably won't do it. Giving her things generally won't do it. If you've hurt her emotionally enough so that she left the room and won't speak to you, you'll probably need time and honest, personal words more than anything. What did you do?

    EDIT: you've given up? lol. It's probably for the best.
  20. Yea I gave her too much power in the say so I'll have to take some of that back if not all it for anything to happen between us but I'm just not interested anymore. Ehh *shrugs*

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