How do YOU germinate seeds?

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  1. I know how to germinate, but I'm wondering, whats your method ? And about what's your success rate ?
  2. I Drop it in a shot glass of water and put it in a box. About 75-80% germ rate. To be fair I wasn't expecting some of them to work cause it didn't look like good seeds so it could be higher than that
  3. ive only done about 10 seeds but i have 100% success with paper towel method

    i rip a square of kitchen paper towel in half

    wet with water(not cold but just a bit warm)

    place seed into the fold

    now the best place to put it is in a baggy(just like youd get bud in)

    seal baggy and find somewhere warm within your house to put it(i use the top of my laptop charger cos its constantly on and emits a nice warmness

    like i said 100% rate doing this but i only started growing recently so dont know if my rate hold any water

    anyway hope it helps
  4. Get a plastic Zip-lock box and put it over a metal crate over a reptile heating pad.It is easy to check on, and faster an more reliable germ rates. My fastest was under 48 hours
  5. i did the paper towel method. threw about 25 bag seeds i had in a tray full of stems ontop of 3 pieces of folded (length wise) paper towel that have been saturated with room temp water and then put three more folded pieces of paper towel ontop of the seeds, saturated, put loosely in a plastic shopping bag by a window. about 48 hours water 18 seeds had germinated, i got 10 in my box, the rest im gonna go plant around town!!!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!
  6. i use the glass of water method
    i take a small glass of room temp water place seeds leave for a few day come back and most of them should be cracked showing a root tip
    i had a 80 -90% success rate with this method :D
    ps. make sure its warm whereever you leave them
  7. if you have good seeds you should have a good success rate no matter which why you try it .. i use the water method also i put them in a half gass of water lay it on top of the grow box and few days later you have a root tip to plant and aim it up wards .. 95% or better is what iam doing but i do order my seeds, i also have seeds that are 5 yrs old that i brought from amsterdam and there still popping ...

  8. lolololol
  9. I put them right in the soil. Five gallon pots to be exact. About a 1/2 inch down. Put them out in the sun for a few days keeping tops of soil moist, and once they pop through I bring them back inside to my grow room. 100% rate btw.
  10. jbeezy007, that is the same thing I do. Why mess with mother nature. Too many variables with paper towel or cup of water method. Germing them in soil means you never have to handle them.
  11. I like the little greenhouse with peat pellets...4 bucks at wal mart, 100% and very quickly 3 to 4 days after planting I had sprouts

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