How do you Gb?

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  1. I was wondering how yall do GBs. I always did the waterfall method when i was at my house, but now im at college so i gotta think of a better way to do it outside lol. Anyways, how do u Gb?
  2. One of the easiest is a 5 gallon bucket and 2 liter bottle.
    If you mean gravity bong, but not sure what you mean by waterfall method.
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    Go to a cheap grocery market or one of those International Grocers and look for the no name brand soda in the 3 liter  size. Here it's A-Treat soda.. then get a 2 liter.. Bang! Smaller, and does the job perfectly. Play that fucker like a trombone. And yes, they still sell them Just got one the other day because my old froze and cracked because some dumb ass left it outside in the freezing cold. But I won't name names.......... :wave: OK...It was me!
  4. Water fall is where you filk the bottle then load a bowl light it and cut a small hole in the bottem of the bottle as the water runs out air and smoke fill the bottle you hit it while water is stil in there so you dont loose any smoke. Its a great way of dmoking but its hard to use multiple times as the water drains out. I would hust say construct a valve that opens into another container then you can just fill it back upSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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