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How do you gather and smoke resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Knivez0r, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I use a waterfall bong, This is my bowl. How the could i possibly smoke resin out of this thing? :(

  2. scrape it down from the sides into a ball and rip it like you would if it were packed with bud
  3. Okay sweet i'll try that, i need something small enough to fit in there. Maybe a paperclip?

  4. Paperclips work great, since they're strong and they can bend+withstand heat.

    For straight things like that is, I like to use a pair of long tweezers. You can just get them in there, and scrape along the sides to get all that shit out. It sometimes helps if you heat up the paperclip/tweezer/whatever you're using (as long as it can withstand heat), until it's red hot, and then scrape. It seems to gather alot more that way, but maybe that's just me.
  5. wouldnt that vaporize some thc?
  6. Wait i was supposed to heat something up? I used a surgical razor to get some out. Check it. Am I doing it right? [​IMG]
  7. According to the pic above, you did a great job scraping them out. Now put them back in and smoke it. What I usually do is heat the bowl and suck in for a bit, then use a paper clip to dig the resin out.
  8. I soak the bowl in rubbing alcohol till the bowl is spotless, then let the alcohol evap off a glass plate, then scrape with a razor blade when it's dry...tada...resin.
  9. hope your being sarcastic.... or am i the only one in the world that found out that inhaling rubbing alcohol isnt lethal
  10. I'm pretty sure if you let it sit for 24 hours or something the alcohol will evaporate and it can be smoked..kinda the same way to make QWISO hash
  11. I'm gunna heat up the razor and start scraping in a few. I'll post back if im stoned.

  12. Alcohol evaporates rather quickly. It is actually a method of making hash.
  13. If your scared of rubbing alcohol you will never want to touch qwiso hash.
  14. I learn something new everyday lol.
  15. damn thats a small ass bowl, how many times do u need to pack it before ur high?

    but it looks like u got a nice 3 hit amount of resin. light it up! :bongin:
  16. I just need one nug. To get high. About 3 to get really stoned. Like 5 To be non-existant.
  17. Back, and i must say. I'm pretty fucking stoned. I made a sick ass pipe with a pen tube and that bowl. :smoking:
  18. #18 ShIzNiTs, Oct 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2009
    Yeah I just read this post after googling the topic actually. Good times.

    Anyway, I just scraped my mini pipe out and holy crap there is a lot of resin in there that you just don't see. It was enough to pack my pipe full of black gold. I say this because the high you get off the resin is totally legit. I did not expect to get high, but when I hit that first hit I was like wow, this is decent weed for being the gunk residue of shit I have smoked in the past however many months.

    So for those of you at home, there are two things you can do to retain your resin.

    1) Just scrape the bitch out. Use a paper clip depending on what you are cleaning. Some say if you heat the paper clip that more resin will be loosened by your violent shaving with the clip, others argue you might lose some thc. i dont know what the burning temperature of thc is required, so do what you want on that one. then just take it, reload, and smoke just as if you were smoking weeed.

    2) using alcohol: so this is what you should do when you already HAVE weed. if you all of this sudden are thinking of smoking resin, its probably because you are out of weed. so just do what #1 says, because then you can get high right now, rather than waiting until tomorrow. the reason you have to wait is, you put your pipe/piece whatever in a pseudo vat of alcohol. you get all the resin that gets washed out of your pipe. then you wait for that batch of alcohol to all evaporate 100%. i dont know how long that will take, it depends on how soaked it is. just make sure its gone. use a heat plate, hair dryer, wahtever, to evaporate it out faster if you want. then you collect that and smoke it. the only benefit this has over #1 is you might get all the resin out rather than wasting some.

    warning: holy fuck i am high off that resin. people forget to tell you, if its ur first time doing this. go light on the hits. take just a few and test the waters you. have patience... hit twice, come back after 5-10 minutes hit again if necessary and go from there.
  19. Haha oh god.... I havent smoked resin in years... smells like shit!!! Hahahaha but it does get you high, but you feel so wrong and dirty about it afterwards lol
  20. just got done hittin' the res. from my pipe :)
    feelin' good.
    going to take a hot shower.

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