how do you find your music

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  1. i usually find youtube channels and search forums how do you find yours
  2. Youtube
    Other people

  3. Youtube, sometimes Pandora, rarely the radio, and my friends/family. Or google.
  4. YouTube
    Radio (barely ever now thi)
  5. 2dopeboyz, friends, sometimes ill go on iTunes to an artist I enjoy and see what they suggest
  6. music blogs & forums, occasionally similar artists & youtube
  7. youtube

    but be careful! i listen to metal, and there are some really really dark corners of youtube where no user should ever go...

    good luck my friend
  8. Check out who your favorite artists collaborate with.

    Go back to your favorite albums and see who produced it (if you haven't already).
  9. I look for it.
    But seriously, what I do usually is I find an artist that I like the sound of then I look at the record label that signed them and see who else they've signed :D
  10. Pandora, GrooveShark, All Music dot com, RollingStone mag
  11. Usually through friends. People telling me to look up different artists/songs. Other than that, I usually just stumble across good songs through skate videos and such.
  12. Friends

    Surprised no one has said turntable yet, it's one of the coolest music websites out there.
  13. I listen to coon tunes so
  14. Youtube
    Music Hall on GC
    Sometimes the radio

    I use the app SoundHound on my phone a lot too. You just press listen while a song is playing and after like 10 seconds it comes up with the artist and stuff. :smoke:
  15. I'm using it right now since I saw your post. It is pretty cool!
  16. I ask everyone I know what music they like...its the best way to find music...I used to burn mixes for people and then they would do the same in sharing is fun....I mean its cool to have Pandora or or spotify sometimes but there's nothing like listening to new artists with someone else
  17. youtube and worldstarhiphop
  18. 321hiphop
    word of mouth

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