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How do you find a local weed dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sonova, May 11, 2009.

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  1. I just moved to a new city and don't know not a soul. In my entire life whenever I needed weed I just called a friend or family member. Well now I'm lost cause I don't know how to spot a dealer and I need some shrubs. anyone got any tips on how I should go about my search?
  2. just talk to people who look blazed or like they would blaze and ask if they can hook you up
  3. go into dark alleys at night and ask the big scary gangsters or you could go to a place where a lot of local bands play and ask the high people or the people who look like they get high who they got there weed from.:D
  4. I'm from the hood pat'na... Those aint weed dealers.... but nowhere near as scary as they seem either...and I'm in the south they dno't have alleys.
  5. Ask anyone who looks between the ages of 18 and 25. Less likely for narcs and undo's.
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    Hey man,

    Sorry to hear about you being dry. :(

  7. somthing about that seems oh so... "You're not a cop are you"ish
  8. school/friends
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    he doesnt know anyone in the city. He just moved....

    Um, Pretty much, just find some one that doesnt look skechy. Someone that looks mellow and doesnt look like a crook. and just be like

    you --"hey, whats up. you smoke. Im looking to blaze. if you do"

    Other -- "got anything to smoke?"

    you-- 'Nah, but i got some money to get a bag"

    if you sound like a dumb ass, you will get robbed. So try and sound as casual as possible. and WATCH your dope. You should know your weights and what bags look like what.
  10. few easy ways i ask people in my school is just say "u good man?" basicly askin them if their good on weed, any1 who sells will know what ur asking and any1 who doesnt will think ur just asking if their ok. trust me it works ive asked many ppl in my school if "their good" never got in trouble once.
  11. look in the phone book :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  12. make stoner friends, its really the only way.
  13. ask any "rando" that looks like 4/20 friendly

    i have a friend who has long hair, dresses kinda hippyish skater, and he gets smoked out at the college all the time by randos
  14. what in gods name is a rando?
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    [quote name='MasonJar']Hey man,

    Sorry to hear about you being dry. :(

    And ask around, someone is bound to be a fellow toker.
  16. look for people who look like the kind of people you'd normally kick it and smoke with.. find some parties to go to meet people your age in the area.. once you start meeting people you know are chill start looking for the connects.
  17. I'm actually gald you asked!!!!

    Rando - Random-ass people. lol that you don't really know

    I.E. "I gave that rando a 1.4 for a dub, Rando's get rando sacks"
  18. speakin of your example some dude just gave me like 0.7 grams for 10 but I was so glad to get weed I didn't press the issue.... but next time that shit aint happenin.
  19. That's what they do.. :hide:
  20. ahh see what i mean tho...
    "some dude" so apparently you were the "rando", am i right?
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