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How do you feel about spliffs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grassmoke, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. My friends and i just switched from smoking joints to spliffs. Personally I like the different high the spliff provides and enjoy the tobacco. How do you guys feel?
  2. U know I used to smoke a lot of spliffs and I still do on occasion, but after I lost the nice nicotine buzz, that u get before the weed high kicks in, I stopped smoking them; however, i do smoke cigarettes now.
  3. Btw I know wut u mean about the high being different. The nicotine buzz kicks in pretty much instantly and gives u a nice relaxing and semi-euphoric buzz, then after a few minutes the weed high kicks in and just intertwines into a pretty different experience.
  4. I feel like they aren't even worth smoking after the nicotine buzz goes away. Then they just become smaller joints. Then if and when my nicotine tolerance goes down, I might start up again.
  5. I used to love spliffs, but I have been doing my best to avoid tobacco for a while now. I feel like it's just bad news for my overall health..

    But I'll be damned if they don't make for enjoyable smokes! :smoke:
  6. In Ireland almost everyone smokes spliffs. Grass is too expensive over here. I smoke cigs anyway so I don't mind smoking spliffs.
  7. I love the things, smoking one right now. It's mainly 'cause I used to be a ciggy smoker an sorta failed giving them up, so I get my fix in my spliffs. Not sure if that's a win or lose :/
  8. If I'm sharing or running low on funds then I usually bum a few smokes and roll a 60/40 weed/baccy mix. Every now and then if I end up with a smoke I'll just roll one for the hell of it.

    Health wise not something I'd do daily and definitely not as tasty as straight green joints but in their own way they make for a really nice smoke. Now I feel like one and I have no cigarettes..
  9. Spliffs are cool every now and then but I'm not really a tobacco person. Pure joints are always preferred with me.
  10. I usually smoke regular joints but lately I have been rolling spliffs cause I found an old pack of smokes. But I quit smoking cigs due to the effects on my training and everything. They are a nice change once n a while.
  11. When I smoke tobacco, I vomit.

    When I smoke cannabis, I feel good!

    Why would I want to get high and then vomit?
  12. Kind of similar to you, OP. Except I've always started smoking spliffs since the very beginning (UK here). It was always the norm, plus when you save on weed you're saving money.

    Then I switched to glass; thus saving me MORE weed and MORE money! Also no tobacco which is a little better for the lungs I'm sure. But tbh I've always preferred the feeling a spliff gives more than the feeling of smoking a bowl. Especially if I'm smoking indica, adding a bit of tobacco in a spliff gives it just the right buzz (I don't like that couch-lock shit unless I smoke shortly before bed). Obviously with the glass it's straight weed. It's just that economically and for health it's better to smoke a bowl. but despite that I've realised I like spliffs the most. (i dont smoke cigs).

    Yesterday I smoked a few spliffs for the first time in forever and it was great, even rolled my first ever blunt. Took me 3 attempts to get the blunt right haha but it was epic. May not ever roll one again tho used prolly about 2gs on it haha.
  13. I roll spliffs and jays, usually depends on a) what I'm in the mood for, and b) how much bud I have/don't have.

    I started smokin weed when I lived in Greece and there the Euro stoner culture is the more tobacco the better essentially, then I started finding things out for myself and started smoking more to the point where even a little bit of tobaccy in a jay wouldn't get me as high as if I had rolled a purie with the same amount...that being said, unless you use alot of bud pure jays don't smoke/burn as easily as a spliff. Spliffs give you a different buzz versus that straight up FUCK I'M HIGH feeling after polishing off a doob
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    How American an idea it is to smoke cannabis alone..

    Spliffs are a beautiful thing. What a liberating feeling it is to be able to smoke a joint that is masked by the smell of a lush oriental tobacco. Problem is, the tobacco that most of you people smoke in a standard ciggarete is what would be considered regs. You dig.

    DSCN3167 by Mosffdet, on Flickr
  15. ^^^ Sweet fucking picture!
  16. Never tried it , never will ......

    I'm trying to get healthy and in shape .....

    And tobacco does the opposite
  17. Nice picture but shame on the green/red rizlas. At least that's what they look similar to. Blues or silvers for me. I dislike the thicker skins, minimal paper is best.
  18. Those are some Peter Stoke's :smoke:
  19. Ive been smoking cigarettes for 2 years so i roll spliffs every once in a while, i enjoy them.

  20. Unfortunately, over here in the good old US of A we don't have a myriad of tobbacists(sp)? so I'm stuck with cigarette tobacco. If you wouldn't mind could you send me the brand of actual tobacco you use instead. Thanks in Advance man, stay lifted. :smoke:

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