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How do you feel about rollers?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThEHeRbSmOkEr, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Yesterday I went to these peoples house I know that are suppose to be these huge pot heads and they asked if I want to match, I was like sure thats cool whatever. I go over there and roll up a blunt, and we smoke it. Then they go to roll theres and they pull out a zig zag roller and cut the blunt to size and rolled it with that. When they did that idk why but i just seemed to lose some respect out of that. And by time the end of it it was horrible, the weed is packed fat all the way through and ounce you get to the end its falling out and super resined. Idk if its just me but i'd rather have a decent hand rolled than one of those pieces of shit.

  2. Some people just can't roll, I myself will never own a roller. But kind of unfair how they cut the blunt to size, I wouldn't call that matching, you should have rolled it.  :confused_2:
  3. No they rolled a solid 1.3 they just cut the paper to size then rolled it
  4. Makes sense! But I feel like rolling is an art, I take pride in my rolled blunts/joints, so to answer your question, I feel like rollers are pointless when there's two free ones you're born with!  :bongin:
  5. I think rollers are fine. Yeah it's great if you're good at rolling and all but not everyone is good. I think they are perfect for who want to medicate and really just need it for that reason.
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    I'm a seasoned smoker, I've smoked daily for about 4 years and I have multiple bongs, vaporizers, everything but I can't roll and I use a roller to roll joints and they turn out perfect and amazing every time. A lot of people for some reason hate it and I get shit sometimes for it at parties and such but fuck them, they can go smoke their own shit then. I don't like using them for blunts though, I have a blunt roller and they never turn out good.
  7. I don't know why people hate on them. Maybe it's the easy way out. But, that roller blunt/joint 99% of the time will be "better" than your hand rolled one. I've seen some perfect jays and blunts, but a roller never messes up.
  8. The only problem is I'm so incapable, I can hardly even get the roller to do a good job for me.
  9. some people just cant roll im one of them trust me without a roller and trying = bad bad joints end up getting the bong out  been medicating for years 
  10. I prefer to hand roll, but since my left hand has an ongoing bad relationship with kitchen appliances and seems to be out of commission for 2-3 months every year, rollers are kind of convenient when I don't have the time/inclination/setting to sit down and take half an hour to roll one-handed. 
  11. I hand roll. When i comes to joints I prefer Zig Zag 1 & 1/2 Size... Just the way I was raised... But I have nothing against rollers. Whatever gets the job done!
  12. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes but fuck that shit roll the fucker with your hands

  13. I like how neat the roller rolls them. With experience you can make good ones. 
    To many times a dude at a party insists on rolling with his hands because he's SOOOO GOOOOOD at it (sarcasm) and proceeds to totally fuck it up wasting half the weed after it canoes. Rookie.
    like I said, rollers are only for when im crippled. But even then, i'll try to roll! when i cut off my index finger, i just kept the stump out of the way and used my middle finger instead. They fixed it (i wont go into details cause it was kind of a weird chain of events) but its just force of habit at this point... 
  15. Fuck a roller

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  16. I'm not against them but I'd prefere not to use them
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    I prefer a roller. Your friends do not know how to use it I'd the shit was falling apart. Out of 20 years smoking, and many self proclaimed great hand rollers I've yet to meet anyone that can roll as perfect as a machine if used properly. Its was probably falling apart because rolling machines are made for use with papers, not cheap cigars.
  18. Used rollers but said fuck it and bought a class my friends glass class

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  19. I typically smoke out of my bong or vaporizers :bongin: , so I do not roll too many joints.  However, I think anyone that smokes on a regular basis should know how to at least roll a decent joint, just kinda one of those things every stoner should know.  If you wanna use zig zag rollers to make better joints or what not, then fine by me.  Just not the same as hand made IMO
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    I own a roller ( I have no clue where it is though, I think I left it at my brothers house ) and I can honestly say a roller will never mess up a joint, the only time it will mess up is if you roll it way to many times before inserting the paper causing the joint to be way to tight, very simply way not to mess up with a joint roller is to insert the herb, close the roller and roll maybe once THEN insert the paper and only roll it until the paper is completely in, DON'T continue rolling it as it will be to tight. Just common sense, but IMO a hand rolled joint can easily be just as good if your know what your doing, I usually roll my joint and "cone" the very end to create a sort of mouth piece and twist the other end off, then I place my joint on a flat surface and put my palm over the joint and roll it a couple times to even out the herb which helps prevent canoeing and makes it easier to draw.

    Juicy jay smoker :smoke:

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