How do YOU feel about drugs?

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. I was sitting here thinking about how excited my friend's girlfriend(we'll call her "B" if I talk about her again) and I got to thinking- How did I feel about drugs? Do you just stick to weed? All natural drugs? Try anything?

    I realized that our thoughts on drugs fits into our personality like exactly perect. I myself would do anything besides Meth, Heroin. Im open to try most things, Providing I research up on them first. I'm not sure what got me into thinking this, but it kinda just popped into my head. What do YOU feel? And I'm also wondering why you feel that way...
  2. i used to only drink, then i used to only drink and smoke bud, then i used to only drink, smoke bud, and do shrooms, then i used to only drink, smoke bud, do shrooms, and do X, then i used to only drink, smoke bud, do shrooms, do X, and do acid.............

    lol i guess i just got brave enough to try something else after a while
  3. I feel if you use the majority of them responsibly, it is okay.

    But, I don't really do anything other than weed/booze/coffe (yes that counts)
  4. I'm a fan of drugs. :cool:

  5. shun the non believer, shunnnn, shunnnnnn
  6. well watever drug you choose best be responsible.
  7. It's always the same with me, if it sounds interesting and after a little research it seems safe enough I'll give it a try. Nothing else would ever become a daily habit outside of good ole mj.

  8. Mm'kay.
  9. Worst. Flash. Ever.
  10. Ha, good question. How do I feel about drugs? Well, I never really thought about it but I remember when I was like 'yeah I'm never gonna do any drugs'. An now, look at me, I smoked, drank, tripped. I just changed so much and it's so weird how my aunt smokes and learning about what my dad did. Shit, he still does some stuff but it never really turned me away or got me into em. So I feel pretty good if your responsible but kinda down if you dont know when to stop.

    My philosophy is, no crack, meth, or heroin and mostly natural drugs but there's always room to experiment with diff substances. Idk that's my take on it

    SuicidalSpaz, how do you feel about em?
  11. I'm kind of fearless of all drugs, except for heroin and crystal meth (Even though the E I do is heavily embedded with meth).
    It doesn't always body well for my body though.

    Weed is probably the only safe option.
  12. The best actual drug is LSD for sure. The best herb obviously being Cannabis sativa/indica.

    E is an okay drug, I try not to do it too much.. but it's good when I do.. coke is the same way..

    I'm becoming more and more tolerable of drug comedowns, and I don't see that as agood thing...
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  14. to whoever said this is the worst flash ever, it is, it annoys the fuck out of me,

    but the candy mountain is the best man,

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  15. The best actual drug is LSD for sure.


    The best herb obviously being Cannabis sativa/indica.


    I'm becoming more and more tolerable of drug comedowns, and I don't see that as agood thing.

    The fact that you've become more tolerant to not having the drug is in no way a bad thing.

    EDIT - Forgot to say what I think about drugs. :bongin:

    Drugs I won't do: Datura, Heroin, Crack, PCP, Crystal Meth.

    Drugs I prefer to do: Alcohol, Weed, Shrooms, Acid

    Coke and Rolls are whatever.
  16. I didn't start smoking weed till i was 21...i just always drank....I have not done any other drug ever. But i kinda wanna try shrooms, and maybe coke. But i probably won't. I have an addictive personality and i'm afraid i'll like them too much. More talkin about coke.

    acid,x,crack,heroin, and all the other drugs F that i'm not doing that.
  17. i like to experiment with drugs as long as they arent super insane (ibogane, datura). i would do meth, have done crack/heroin. i rarely do any drugs, weed once every 3 months, lsd/mushrooms once every 9-18 months, xtc after i research it so like two or three times a year.

    i regulate my drug use, never binge drinking, never sloppy drunk, smoke 4 or so cigarettes a day, im happy being sober and tend to be more 'alive' when i am.

    if this was a year ago my response would be alot different. :p
  18. i used to be open to all drugs until i had an experience where i wasnt too responsible so now i stick to the ganja something that will never be an abuse/incedent
  19. I see. Yeah, I would NEVER do Datura. So I'm thinking about picking up a 1/4oz of silver Haze, and a roll or two. Guy said it was "triple stacked" but it's expensive. $30 a pill... Can't find it anywhere else around here so, I may splurge and grab a pill or two and have fun.

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