How do you feel about conspiracy theories?

Discussion in 'General' started by The Day Tripper, May 27, 2007.

  1. I've been looking through them for a while and analyzing all of the different opinions and everything.It started to freak me out because some of the ideas seem plausible...but then another on the opposite end can seem just as plausible.All of this brought me to one idea...what if everything just is how it is?We eat,breath,live,sleep,laugh,love,hate,live,and die...there's no major scheme or anything.No Illuminati,no NWO is coming,no impending alien invasion.All of it's just people searching for answers,which leads to stress.If any of it's true,who gives a fuck?Why sweat over something that you don't know about and probably have zero control over?

    That's just what I feel about the subject,but I know that a lot of people thing just the opposite.
  2. Religion is a conspiracy theory if you ask me.
  3. I can't say that I disagree.
  4. I can say I do agee.
  5. It took me a second to get what you were saying :p
  6. This thread is a conspiracy against conspiracy's...
  7. The Lizard people will get us all you realize.
  8. *puts on tinfoil hat*
  9. Man, where would we be without conspiracy theories?!
  10. I find many of them laughable, especially the 9/11 ones, those are hilarious.
  11. JFK was killed by the CIA, one of the guys who was in on it confessed to it on his death bed. It's funny how shit like that turns out to be true.

  12. link??
  13. I was definitely a conspiracy theorist back in middle school...but then the X-Files went off the air.

    That, and I'm a big fan of Occam's Razor, so no conspiracy theories for me.
  14. the are overrated, and over believed
  15. Me too. I'm 20

  16. IMO they are oversimplified, over generalized, and under researched by the people who criticize.

    This thread is ridiculous. :rolleyes:

    Credibility is something that can only be determined on a case to case basis. Individual claims require research and debunking, to say that "Conspiracy Theories" are stupid and wrong is ignorant and an example of the conditioning our society is exposed to through the mainstream media. (not directing this at the OP, just a general statement, I know he didn't say they are stupid and wrong.)

    The term "Conspiracy Theories" itself has become subconsiousely linked to schitzophrenic people wearing tin foil hats in their parents basement.

    Alternative news outlets and independant thinking have become the enemy of the state, and it's sad.

  17. Very true indeed. +rep
  18. Watch this video, I know it's long, but it is VERY imformative. I'm not going to try and tell you it was a conspiracy, but any intelligent,
    un-biased person can see the truth.
  19. One of the best things ive read in awhile, Id rep ya if i could.

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