How do you feel about being known as a stoner?

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  1. Everyone I know who smokes is different on this issue. Some fear an unjustly bad rap, while I, for example, no longer care and embrace it. I have no qualms with it being an important constant in my life for many purposes. I am certainly not ashamed about it in any way, yet so many people I've met are? I seriously don't get it. What's your take on it? and why?

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  2. Fuck everyone else and their opinions. That's what I think
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  3. I try to keep it quiet so I can get work. Otherwise idc if people know. Anyone who judges me for it is foolish.
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  4. Pothead.jpg
    nobody can tell shit fool im totally under the radar... ....low pro all the way... ... :passtheshit:
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  5. It is at times extremely discrediting to your accomplishments but FUCK EM!!! WEED & MUSIC FOR LIFE lol I feel like I'm 17 sometimes
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  6. I have never been bothered what others think. Who are they to judge me!

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  7. Go hunting, you're a hunter
    Golf, golfer
    Run, runner
    Etc, etc, etc
    Get stoned, you are a stoner
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  8. Awesome thread OP. I think that it's important to ask oneself this question..

    Personally.. based on society and culture where I'm at, pretty shitty. I don't care about going about my day, smelling like herb red eyes and so on in public, I don't care if Person X knows that I'm high.

    But if I was to be "known as a stoner"..that word stoner itself conjures up the image of grossness in my mind.


    Some goddamned grimy shitbag Spicoli looking fucker in a drug rug. That's what a "stoner" is in many people's minds, so having that association disgusts me. The "D'Uhhhhhhh huh huh lets go get a cheeseburger" dumbass fucking stoner type.. AH! It disgusts me!

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  9. Personally I give zero fucks what people think of me anymore. I do however have to take my lady into consideration. She is by far the coolest person because as one who abstains from the herb, she just don't care what I do or how much money I spend on it. She does have an image to uphold and she does care whT people think. So for her and my sex life's keep it on the down low and remain incognito when amongst her family and freinds.

    My family and freinds though, I just don't care. I have had 2 people try and get all high and mighty. They went from being freinds to being unknown in about a minute. Ganja has always afforded me a great life with some pretty amazing freinds and family. These are people I would never have known if not for being a stoner. My life would be far far poorer for having hid ganja from everyone.

    I walk the dogs and smoke a doobie. I have my garage open and il be doing chores or what ever and I'll throw down with some bong rips. Again, as long as I keep it on the downlow with my wife's family and a couple of her personal freinds I'm good. I also don't get all crazy out in public. Il hit my pen with some killer shatter or crumble in it but no one is ever the wiser aside from other stoners. Hell, I have had a guy walk up ask what I was hitting. So I told him and shared my bowl. We talked for a few minutes and that guy is one of my close friends going on 4 years now.

    I am super baked and rambling so I'll cut it short while I can. Just remember, being afraid to let anyone know you're a stoner can leave you alone with few or no freinds to enjoy the herb with. Because the secret to ganja is that it's best to use it to compliment what it is you're doing, not being the actual thing it is you're doing. Getting high for the sake of getting high leads to Gordon and burn out city....fuck me, another novel...:metal:
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  10. I don't care what they call me. Everyone in this area is a stoner and is publicly acceptable. I have no fears smoking in a parking lot and worried about cops. All they say is "Hey don't do that!" Love this area.

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  11. Knights Templar is privileged status among the stoned workers. Being good with my hands is a plus too.
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  12. Whoa Dude, you sound disgusted. image.jpeg
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  13. Lmao man, yeah I guess I was when I wrote that.
    It seems like I was overthinking the question. I suppose a fair amount of people think of "stoners" as earth loving, mellow&kind folk. I'm pretty okay with that definition, if only more stoners were actually like that.

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  14. i dont care if people know that i smoke but at the same time only a handful of people do know that i smoke, i like it that way
  15. Stoners ok if you have the + cash flow I really have a strong dislike for broke ass stoners. Sleeping over for 1 night and then you got to boot them after 3 days. No time for that.

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  16. I don't give a shit mate, they just can talk and judging us, they aren't feed us. So, fuck em
  17. With some of my friends, being known as a stoner is an honor but in general I couldn't care less what people think

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  18. I really don't care anymore I will rep cannabis everywhere just scared of getting pulled over repping it (happens here) but I know it has cost me job opportunities since I live in such a small town.

    My friends tho you wouldn't know they smoked unless they told you they never smell of it don't rep it their crib never smells of it and there gear is well hidden

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  19. No one in my professional life knows. My gf and I both smoke. My parents know, though, and I get a little annoyed when they call me a pothead. As if suddenly the fact that I smoke is the only aspect of my personality.

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  20. It's not something I broadcast, but equally it's not something I shirk if asked.

    At the end of the day though, it's all labels. Each and every individual is more than that.
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