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how do you enjoy it ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by soul45, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. i smoke from time to time and i smoke alone most of the time ... i was wondering how do you guys enjoy smoking without getting paranoia or anything like that ?

    when i smoke i get high and i want to do is run awy from people and stay alone so i could enjoy my high because if i stay where there is people i get paranoia and everyone notice that im high as f*** and then they start to f*** with me .. talking strange ways, doing things with their hands , make sounds like farting or puking ... and all these things make me want to smoke alone and away from people ....

    i really feel bad about that .... staying alone is never good i want to change that

    i want to smoke get high and still enjoy it and i don't want anyone to notice that im high and f*** with me


    even when i smoke with friends .. it seems to me that they are not high as me .. and its not because of the weed .... i can see that .. its like if they're used to getting high or something like that .......

    i hate it when i get high and my friends have to babysit me.........

    what is getting really getting high , how to control the high , how to smoke and do what usually do while sober


    bob marley my favorite singer or 2pac get high all the time and still look normal .... and do everything like sober how is that ?

    i think you get the idea ...pleeez help
  2. Moderation.

    Or I make hash-oil-suppositories, and plug 'em right up my kiester.
  3. Nahh bro, you just have to get so high that you dont care, literally smoke 8 blunts to the dome then walk around Swangin on the sidewalk. That or do what Durban said, nothing better then oil up the booty, I call my oil suppositories BP, butt phucked-up.
  4. !!!! MEME - BP, butt phucked-up! LOLOLOLOLOL! You made my morning.
  5. Glad I could help, it's 2 am here and I was literally sitting there for a whole minute trying to correct my iPad. It kept saying butt plucker, butt puck, and I just kept geeking at all the stupid ahit it auto corrected XD (wow and then it doesn't auto correct ahit? Well played iPad, well played.)
  6. you mean if i smoke enough i wont care anymore .... about what ?

    wont that make me more high ?
  7. Well obviously smoking more will make you more high. But eventually you'll be so blowed you'll forget you even went out into public. You'll Completely forget your paranoia and get so high you just can't help but laugh at shit and enjoy it.

  8. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  9. I used to be scared of people seeing me high, but now i'm just like fuck it, I'l walk around this whole town and let everyone wish they were as high as me.
  10. #10 01Bullitt, Jun 30, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 30, 2012
    Dude, no one even looks at you. Do you ever stare in random peoples' eyes to check and see if they are slightly red? I know I don't at least. But I'm one of those live and let live people so I couldn't care less. And anyways, most people simply wouldn't care. If anything they might tell their family later about a funny story of some apparently high kid. Just don't worry man! No one ever gets in trouble for "being high" haha have you ever heard of a story like that? Driving combined with the po doesn't count

    Furthermore, no one knows what you "normally" look like. Even if you look high I bet 95% of people just think you're strange looking or something and don't even think twice. We're not models in sexy outfits on a runway with everyone staring. Random people have nothing to base your normal appearance on so they can't even tell you're high. And most of the people that can tell when other people are high.. are other people that are high or at least smoke

    You said you like him - "don't worry bout a thing" but it sounds better with a heavy Jamaican accent.. dun worry 'bout a ting man!
  11. Get cool friends.
  12. You're obviously quite new to smoking, pretty much everyone was in the same boat as you are now. Just keep on toking and eventually you'll learn how to handle yourself, it's like learning to ride a bike.
  13. You'll learn how to handle it over time. 6 months down the line and I can significantly handle my shit better than my mates even though they introduced me.

    You have to remember that weed is likely to make you overthink things and generally people arn't trying to screw with your high when you think they are, or you may takes someones actions as some sort of personal attack on you (i used to get this), but found out it was all in my head.
    If this isn't the case and people are deliberately screwing with your high, leave them and enjoy some alone time.
  14. the more you smoke, the better you can control your high. it comes with time i guess :/ when i first started smoking, i was somewhat paranoid too but now i relax and enjoy the high
  15. I wouldn't smoke if I was afraid of everything. I don't care if people know I'm high... it's just weed. Definitely never had to be babysat from a weed high.... that's nonsense.

    Sounds like weed is not the right drug for you.

    Only thing that gets me paranoid is if I'm smoking a blunt on the road and there's a cop behind me. Gotta hold the blunt down by your legs and wait for him to pass.... actually I usually just keep smoking it.
  16. Music my man
  17. Musica dude..just puts me in a perfect zone, also get new friends, people that just fuck with you like that arent a lot of fun, unless you all do it, like my friends and I do sometimes
  18. I ONLY smoke alone, with my girl, or with my girl and my best friend. I ONLY smoke in the safety and privacy of my own home. When you are in such an environment with the right people (or just yourself), there's simply no reason to be paranoid.
  19. i smoke everyday with anyone who's around. i don't have a single friend who hasn't smoked weed before. and pretty much everyone in my town smokes. its not that hard to carry on with your day being stoned. lol
  20. Just find the right person to smoke with
    Maybe smoke out your dealer if he seems like a nice guy who's about your age, if not just find someone who fancies a smoke that you're mates with already

    You get dicks who try to faze you out when you're high, ignore them, it's normally either people who've never been high or very immature (or both).

    Tbh i like having a smoke with some people but smoking alone gives you time to relax and have a think... then again everyone smokes weed with different intentions :p

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