how do you eat your Reeses Peanut Butter Cups??

Discussion in 'General' started by justebeats, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. n my girl were talking about this last night when we were high so i thought id ask the City...

    for me i take no more than 4 a c shape all 4 bites...

    my girl eats the edges off then the octogon shape lol...

  2. I'm an octogon girl.
  3. straight goblin that shit

  4. I poke a hole through the middle and eat that part. Then I just eat the rest.

  5. lol must be a girl thing..
  6. I eat the middle first, by breaking it in half and then peeling the outer shell, on both. I then eat the outsides, I prefer them, there is too much peanut butter and not enough chocolate, and the peanut butter anyways is 90% sugar, 10% peanut butter.
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    when i do eat them just normally. hold that shit in my mouth for awhile. or chew it up till is really runny is always nice

    you did make me miss recess(the playtime at school). fuck man do i miss it.

    life sucks dick everything is better and more enjoyable when your brain is least experienced. so you get the best but never the most out it. i wish i could take my 19year old brain and swich it with my 10 year old life.
    you get more experienced and everything becomes dull. drugs seem like one of the only ways to get the joy in life where we feel like a kid.
    now i feel that god in a way shouldnt judge us on our life here because life is made to fuck you in the ass (and thats before you're dead).
    doubt anyone will read this but i just got high and mumbled. damn son:smoke:
  8. Get all the chocolate off first then eat the pb.
  9. chop it up and put it in ice cream then pour hot chocolate on it then put whipped cream on it them put chopped nuts on it then put a cherry on it.
  10. I'd destroy one right about now holy shit :smoking: but usually I just eat it like a human being.
  11. I usually just stick it in my mouth and suck on it. MMMMMMz.
  12. Blasphemy!!!!

    Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are the ultimate candy!
  13. i've never actually tried them.. chocolate isn't on my top 25 list of favorites

  14. How did this get by untouched? :p
  15. fuck i want some cups right now. im bout to risk dui x2 for that shit im a sucker for peer presure over the internet i guess.

    sorry if it dont make sense fith of rum i am. trailer park drinking game
  16. i take one small bite then throw away the rest
  17. same here. except then i get all the rest of the peanut butter out of the chocolate part and eat that
  18. I don't think It did, It's in the dudes sig above yours.
  19. I like to put them in a blender and break down the peanut buttery goodness down into paste so i can inject the deliciousness right into my blood stream using a syringe


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