How Do You Dry Your Trim In High Heat & Low Humidity?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by PinkFloydEffect, Jul 28, 2017.

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    I am drying in a lower humidity around 20% so to compensate drying too fast I use these paper take-out trays that can be closed up for the afternoon or night sort of like curing but the paper can breath and absorb moisture. I do not have a screen table which is how I assume most of you dry your trim??

    It only takes a few days before the leaves go crunchy, I then throw them into this large sealed canning jar for burping. It smells horrible though, maybe I should not let them get crispy before jarring them? I mean it smells 10x worse than uncured buds...maybe I smell all the chlorophyll in the leaves? It is not even grade A trim for the most part the leaves only have trichomes on the stems. Thought I saw something about storing trim in the freezer?
  2. First actual harvest ! My son suggest taking the trim placing between 2 sheets of parchment paper then pressing with a flat iron to release last of the oils. Anybody done this , or should I just slow dry it to roll.
  3. It really takes only a few days for the leaves to become crispy, much faster than buds. As you can see I am hitting ultra low humidity levels of 16% with temps above 70F so after 36 hours I closed them all up to finish drying in a slower way...maybe I should have dried with them closed the entire time in this type of environment? This is just a small sample test because I noticed how nasty the leaves smell when they are dry.

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  4. For how long? As long as your buds? Shorter?
  5. Trim honestly dries in 3-4 days on the screen you can save it for edibles or put in jar and smoke it when you have nothing else that's what I'm doing since I'm waiting for my girl to finish up

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    I would never put trim into editables or smoke it, I would make a hash/extraction.

    I am curious if curing trim is worth it.

    Seems the paper containers are similar to the brown paper bag method, I hung my nugs until the outside was dry then put them into these containers until the stems cracked before jarring.

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