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How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Izi, May 26, 2009.

  1. How can you light a bowl and keep roasting it to let it cherry if you have no lighter or matches?! :confused::confused:
  2. you can't
    get a lighter.. or matches.. not that hard
  3. Unless its a sunny day and you have a magnifying glass. Im sure there are a few more options.
  4. Try using a candle?

    I don't think it would work, but you can always try. Otherwise, just go to a shop and buy a lighter/matches.
  5. hell yea solar smokings the best
  6. Sautering Iron, Heat rod.....blow torch(dont recomend:smoking:)...
  7. What are you, 5 years old, you cant find a lighter or matches anywhere? really, no source of a flame at all? in that case, your screwed.
  8. Use your stove to light a cig or just something, a stick, idk, then light the bowl and just cherry it. I think that's the kind of thing you were looking for....
  9. dude ur fucked..
  10. Call a friend or neigbor and ask if you can get matches/ligher for your "fire."

    Go walk/drive/ride/roll to the gas station or store and buy one. if your on here and not 18, they will still sell it anyway.
  11. Pack it tight and rip it hard! (leave some airflow though)
  12. Go buy a lighter...not that hard

    but you could always go really ghetto
    [ame=]YouTube - Prisoners' Inventions - Battery Cigarette Lighter[/ame]
  13. speghetti!!!
    get a candle and a packet of speghetti. light the speghetti. use that to light the bowl, each speghetti strand will last more than long enough to light a bowl hit or three.

  14. so now may i ask, how would he light the candle?
  15. light a candle, or something that will hold a small flame with your stove or grill. wallah.

  16. defiantly didnt think of that haha nevermind
  17. Actually the spaghetti idea seems nice, I was trying to think of something like a stick, that would hold a flame. I have a stove that I can get fire from, but then when you use a candle, unless you're vaping, all it does is spill wax on the bud, and that ain't fun. I'm getting new lighters tommarow, some how I ran out, but I was just wondering a good thing to hold a flame on.
  18. That, sir, is genius.

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