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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by iwearpants, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Alright. So i'm not the most seasoned of growers, but not entirely a noob either. i'm finally on my first REAL grow, (non-micro grow), ive been doing micro grows for about 8 years now. About a week away from harvest, as always, the temptation to pluck a nug just to try out my babies is completely overwhelming. i have bud to smoke that'll last me until these girls are ready (done/dried/cured), and im well aware that a sample at this stage (quick dried uncured and pulled early) will not reflect my final product very well, it'll be harsh, taste horrible and everything else. the question is simple really, am i just insane for having this almost irresistible urge to pluck a bud off, or is this a problem that every grower deals with, and HOW do you deal with it?

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  2. or should i just chop a few popcorn buds off and cave in to temptation?
  3. just cut a few small nugs off near the bottom. not gonna hurt anything. ive done it before out of desperation, didn't cause any problems.
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  4. After a few grows, the benefit of waiting out weighs the anxiety of just wanting to try the plant. It's all weed, if I have plenty of bud to smoke then why bother trimming off premature bud just for a low quality peak at the finished product.
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  5. hopefully i get there. got bud, just need to chill. i can't chill. lol
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  6. Hahaha, that's a funny story. What I do is grow a plant just for plucking. It gives me an idea of what my green is going to be like.
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  7. I'm pretty patient so waiting is no problem.

    But when a branch gets broken, I feel like getting an early sample helps make it less painful. ;)
  8. I did try a small nug, it did the job but didn't last too long. After that I got over my excitedness and am patiently waiting for that 50/50 trich mix.... We're at about 25/75 today.
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  9. I find it depends on the nutrients i am using. If i am using a completely organic mix I have no problem picking one off and smoking it. I find if I am using a General Hydroponic Flora series nutrient with organics, I hold back from plucking one because I am use to a well flushed bud and the nutrients before they are flushed produces a undesirable flavor. So I wait.
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