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How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by torque92, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. For you seasoned smokers

    I have been smoking pretty regularly for a year and well I love it but I feel as if I'm losing my work confidence. How do you seasoned smokers keep up your energy levels and maintain a successful life? Any motivating success stories would be wonderful! Lets hear some stories!
  2. smoke good weed. i believe thats all the deference man!!
    sativa strains are proven to have less of a (lazy ugh) bad high and more motivated and less paranoid too
  3. I believe it makes a huge difference but as it fluctuates around here so bad I can't routinely stick with one strain more than 80 percent of the time I'm smokn stuff with no name and regs lol
  4. just sayin man if you wanna be picky thats what to look for

    best wishes on your adventure
  5. I find lower quality cannabis makes more hazy and slow than dank, the high I get from dank is better from every perspective.

    Maybe getting some dank instead of some regs would help?
  6. Somebody get this man some better weed!
  7. I used to smoke reg blunts before work all day. I worked second shift.. Never rele got tired.. But IMHO part of that lazy sluggishness comes from a poor diet. Blaze an drink a green tea instead of a soda.. Fatty munchie food is always good but u can substitute a few things.. Small shit like that helped me. And I would smoke on all of my breaks too..

    But now that i smoke good 24/7 a reggie blunt gets me wasted an i usually fall asleep lmao

  8. Lol thanks everyone! And I do tend to have a poor diet so I'm guna make some changes on that for sure!
  9. [quote name='"torque92"']Lol thanks everyone! And I do tend to have a poor diet so I'm guna make some changes on that for sure![/quote]

    Drinking only water makes a huge difference .. It's crazy.
  10. Take some vitamin c with e pills or folic acid
  11. #11 GrapeDutchh, Jul 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, 2012
    You can get everything you need from things other than man made/altered stuff :D But I couldnt agree more with you!
    I kno from experiance that anyway you do it, healthy living is better living.. But thats still my opinon

    Edit: Experiance..Expiriance..Experance Fuck idk..
  12. don't smoke before i go to work obviously...

    and a somewhat nice diet + a shit ton of water since im outside all day

    and then as soon as work ends.... the session starts
  13. I know i was just talking about taking those if you need a boost on top of eating on immunosuppressants and they make me take those along with mag, iron, and calcium plus D and I do think the extra folic and vitamin e work well

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