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how do you do homework while stoned?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by intellitoke, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I actually havent tried it because my roommates in my apartment don't like smoke inside.

    But, can homework be done well?

  2. lets see..

    are you retarded when you're high? if not then you should be good. i just do it like i would anything else.. but i'm usually high from when i get up to when i go to bed so yeah it's like any other daily activity
  3. Study high, take the test high, get high grades :)

    It's all about enjoying what you are doing and learning to focus in and "flow" on one topic. Your mind is no less apt to learn while high, it's just a bit more distracting.
  4. i was fine, i just finished mine and i'm pretty stoned off of a j and a bowl. depends on your willpower, your focus, and your committment to actually get it done
  5. its possible, i can do some good writing when high. but other things like math and logic arent as good. or trying to learn facts.

    i use getting high as a way to celebrate getting all a days home work done. motivates me to work hard without procrastinating too bad.
  6. one time I was doing a 2 page paper after smoking a bowl. I got 3 sentences done and decided to pack another bowl.

    so I did, and I sparked the lighter and thought.. wait. I have to finish this paragraph before I can smoke this. So the next thing I know I'm done with my paper and I have a full bowl waiting for me that I forgot about. hahaha

    that's usually how homework high works with me. that or I just wait till I'm done. XD
  7. more often than not im high when i do my hw
    it's all about can you focus when your high
    for me i just get in my zone and can type 5-9 pages in an hour
  8. I once wrote a paper when I was stoned. Completely improvised the whole thing and got it done pretty fast. Got a good grade I believe.
  9. If I had weed to smoke every day, I would definitely be doing my homework more willingly..
  10. i do homework way better high

    helps me focus more and its not such a chore when your all blazed up

    i took finals high and got A's on 5 out of 7 of them LOL
  11. My main problem when doing HW stoned is concentrating. I get distracted so easily...

    If I do manage to concentrate I usually do it pretty well.
  12. I havent been really doing homework as much lately high, but earlyer in the year i probably did it high evreyday

    Its a little harder to maintain concentrattion because somethings can seem a little bit more distracting. So I ussually get a work place where i know its just me and the books and block evreything else out
  13. right?....riiiiiiiiiiight..

    haha thats what i was thinkin when i seen the thread..

    but yea dude all depends on you, everybod aint the same... only one way you'll find out... do it up
  14. this is probably the first clue for an unhealthy addiction... :eek:
  15. Last year I got so nervous about exams that I was throwing up, I had to get well lean and smoke about 20 cigarettes so I didn't care about the fact that I'd done little work (weed again), I definitely did a lot better than I would have done sober.
  16. Seems like a waste of weed to me.
  17. I honestly write a little better when I'm slightly buzzed. I noticed that when I'm trying to sit down and write a paper, my mind is unorganized and I can't keep a train of thought going on one idea for very long.

    When I take a hit off the bong every now and again while I'm working on my papers, for some reason my thoughts seem to flow better when I'm trying to put them down...

    Math is a different story though, I can go to my English class high all day long.. but for some reason my brain doesn't like mathematics + THC haha.
  18. i do hw and write papers with ease and more effort wen im high...
    i actually enjoy it insead of thinking its a chore..
    u gotta stay focused if ur notta pro...if ur not used to the high u get
    and getting a specific thing done, u mite wanna slowly increase ur hits as u
    get use 2 doing work high.

    toke it tz.:smoke:
  19. Honestly, it doesnt seem like a waste of weed to me, especially when you dont have to worry about ever paying for it. I feel I am a lot more concentrated when I do my homework stoned.

    I did this IQ quiz and got 148 not stoned, and got a 166 stoned out of my tree :smoke:
    Try it out for yourself if you dont believe me, I was shocked.. :)

    Happy toking GC :smoke::smoke:
  20. Too much makes it hard to focus, but it does help to expand the mind a bit. I like to have bowl in the morning with some coffee before school so I can stay relaxed and alert, it really seems to be the best way to learn. In the evenings though, its better to do homework before blazing, that way you won't have anything to worry about and you can just enjoy the high.

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