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How do you do an endo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by juanvaldez, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. My friends have tried to explain but i cant do them at all.. :devious:
    haha usually i get frustrated and just say fuck it and take fatty rips instead but i still wanna kno how.. i cant find any vids on youtube on how to do this some one should post a how to
  2. Pull the front brake on your bike while exhaling your smoke...?
  3. like on a street bike?

    Or is it some kind of smoking trick? explain better, people may know it as something else.
  4. o haha everybody calls them endos where im from.. its where it looks like a bubble of smoke comes out of your mouth then you breathe it in again.. in pineapple express there is a fuckin huge one :smoke:

    and what are they called in other places?
  5. Kill hits.

    [ame=]YouTube - kill hits , killhit montage , ghost inhales , smoke tricks and bong rips[/ame]
  6. Breath out and then in with a mouth full of smoke??? lol
  7. It's an a-bomb.

    Suck the j and fill up your mouth with the smoke, open up your lips to let some of the smoke seep out, then when you think you should catch it, suck and inhale hard.
  8. Around here we call that a ghost inhale... like where you blow out the smoke and pull it back in? I can do them with my pipe or from a joint/blunt because the smoke is much thicker than my bubbler or bong, where its filtered a lot. It's pretty easy, but i can do a bunch of other tricks too i.e. french inhale, double smoke rings, the usual lol.
  9. ive known it as a french inhale. try letting the smoke out of your mouth verrry slowly. you should see the smoke slowly spiral out of your mouth. do not blow! then suck quickly while moving your mouth slightly forward
  10. Isn't a french inhale where you let it out your mouth and back through your nose? At least that's what we call it here... :confused:
  11. [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    When you let out the cloud and suck it back in, it's called a snap hit.

    Before you inhale, you put your tounge in the back of your mouth, pointing upwards, sort of like a wall to your throat. Take a nice long hit, and close your mouth (tounge stays pointing up).

    Now, try and condense the smoke into the front of your mouth. Open your lips real wide (Hold your breath still) and now "snap" your tounge down, shooting out the cloud.
    Now wait a second, and suck it back in. :)

    When you breath the smoke into your nose as it flows out of your mouth, it's called a French Inhale, btw :)
  12. Yeah your right. The other dude must be .... :smoking: .... if you know what I mean.
  13. Yup. :smoke:
  14. Your "endos" are Our "Mushroom clouds". lolz i thought you were talking about on a bike.
  15. its not that hard and its called a "Ghost" . All you do is bring smoke in your mouth and hold it but dont inhale , push the smoke out of your mouth and then suck it back in . the one of pine apple express wasnt that great and while your doing this make sure no wind or anything is blowing or itll mess it up
  16. haha thats interesting how smokin trick slang is so different from place to place..
    smoke weed everyday :smoke:!!
  17. People around here call it catch a cloud cause it looks like you're catching a cloud.
  18. We call them lip curls..
  19. we call it phantom. ghost here is when you hold ur hits long enough that you blow nothin out. phantom or endo, or whatever works best when the air is very still, no wind...

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