How do you define success?

Discussion in 'General' started by mo_bud, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Im a college student still trying to decide what I wanna do with my life. Im on track to get a engineering degree to work with my family's company, But recently while listening high to a great chemistry teacher give a lecture, I had a slight epiphany. At that point I remembered how much my teacher said he loved teaching, and how he quit a lucritive job to teach.

    This got me thinking that I wanted to teach, ya people dont like the pay, but ive been living on my own in my apartment, while taking care of my bills with little extra money. I believe I could be perfectly happy with teaching.

    Success to me is being truly happy with what you're doing in life. Salary is irrelavant.

    Not to mention, summers off and I could live about anywhere I wanted.

    So whats your take on this?
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    sounds great to me! If your happy then what matters? im working on starting a family with my wife. Im happy.

    as long as you got money to pay the bills and weed to smoke! +rep

    p.s. get the engineering degree. and become an engineering teacher at a voc tec school or something. you would be able to talk to kids that smoke alot and like what you like. you will become a role model. and theres nothing better than that!!!
  3. Me and my 2 buddies were talking of moving somewhere for a few years to branch out, I was thinking Wash state, for the good bud and nature (I love to climb and kayak) not to mention it would be beautiful. I live in the Missouri Ozarks right now which I believe is awesome, but im looking for some more epic beauty...
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    If you love climbing and kayaking you may be into urban exploring. i know this is kinda off topic but. since your the outdoorsman type. you may dig it. look it up online. explorings fun.

    Wash state sounds nice. What about Pensylvania. my aunt lives there. so much history and its gorgous.

    my cuz lives in west virginia too. theres alot of white water rapids and mountains. plus people have CROPS:smoking:..... in the forest.....its so awsome.
  5. I say be a teacher like theres alot of boss teachers that I would chill with so you dont have to be a lame teacher but like definitelly go for what you would like to do for a long time. And on a side note hit the weight room and do work. Thats the gameplan so we're down one fullcourt press man. Thats all I gotta say.

    But really just smoke before classes what kind of class do you teach btw sorry if it was in your origional post. Peace.
  6. I define success by how much money you make and/or happiness.
  7. I've had trouble deciding what I want to do and being motivated to continue with it. I like a lot of things, but never wanted to be an engineer or something that has potential to be really lucrative. I will consider myself successful when I have a job that I don't hate. I think if you are the kind of person that stick with a shitty job that makes you a lot of money, more power to you. Personally, like I said, I will be successful when I am happy and have money for bills, pot, and my car hobby.

  8. What?
  9. In my opinion, being successful is just being happy with whatever you're doing with yourself.
  10. I see success as fullfilling your goals in life.
  11. Success is being happy at what you do.
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    Success to me is being truly happy with what you're doing in life. Salary is irrelavant.

    word. :)

    i am somewhat in the same boat as you. i gotta decide on my major next year, so i can start taking my major classes.

    its either a major in psychology or nursing. my mom is a nurse, so of course she's kindly pressuring my to become a nurse.
  13. It's money for me.
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    "Determined to be the best
    Not lookin back and regret
    How many people you bless
    Is how you measure sucess."

    -rick ross (lol i kno didnt expect him did u)

    o and ps. nice that u kinda figured out wut u want to do in life :D follow ur heart
  15. I used to think money was a huge deciding factor, but life is just too short to worry about that. Chasing the almighty dollar gets old after awhile, then it really comes down to do you truly enjoy waking up and doing what you do?

    I try to be a better person everyday and sometimes I see myself getting away from that, the majority of the times it is because of money. If you put money lower on the list of priorities and just lived your life to better yourself and others around you, I don't see how you wouldn't be content. As long as I had enough money to enjoy the things I enjoy and to pay the bills, I feel that is success.
  16. i see success in how many blunts i will roll before i die
  17. if u live in some sort of home and have the monetary means to support yourself, and maybe a family

    u have succeded at life, in the normal sence

    i say as long as u r a happy, good person, that is knowledgeable is many things, then u have succeded in a different way

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