How do you decide when to compromise your values?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Messiah Decoy, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Think about times in your life when you compromised your fashion, goals, beliefs, style, methods, etc.
    Why did you decide to compromise and how do you determine when to do it or not do it?
    Or is compromise a completely subconscious process for you?

  2. When you are backed into a corner and need to simply survive, or do not have the financial means to do so.
    Also, when faced with threats of force, it is nearly impossible to overcome the desire to take the path of the least resistance.
  3. I stick to my guns for the most part but sometimes there's a point. A line. We all have one were they get left. It's time to do without them. I love my bff. But she's changed and left me. I still love her. And when she needs me il be there. But the trust will never be restored. You can put a band aid over a would but the scar will always be there.

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  4. I compromise my fashion so easily. If a workplace dictates you must wear a collared shirt and trousers, then I have to give in even though I'd rather be wearing singlets and shorts.
    My goals are purely dependent on circumstance, motivation, resources and time.
    My beliefs are whatever resonates the most or makes the most sense to me which is determined by my life experiences, obviously different from everybody else. I will however compromise them in job interviews and stuff, just to bullshit the guy so I can get some cash moneys.
    I really only care about a few things:
    - not dying
    - sex
    - drugs
    - beaches
    - Subway sandwiches
    - music
    I think everybody kind of gets a gut feeling when compromising beliefs. They either don't see that it's worth fighting for or they get cornered and have no choice.
  5. ummmmm

    eat a firehouse subs sandwich

    You'll be like wtf?! How does subway get away with selling this shit?!

  6. I'm almost a detrimental devotee to my values and "code". 
  7. Life is full of compromises and trade offs. It's impossible to be moral 100 percent of the time, which is why we must aim to be as moral as possible.
  8. I will compromise very little about who i am, and I'm blunt about who I am.

    I obviously won't show up to my job with my sleeves cut off and my tattoos showing, but in order to live life how I want to outside of work, I need a job to make money, pay the bills, etc.

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