How do you deal with your grow op?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Alphå, May 26, 2006.

  1. Well, I'll be moving out soon now that summer is here and school is over.... Or at least I'd like to move out to somewhere near my college..

    Anywasys, how do you guys deal with growing? I mean, do you tell people about it? Do you have secret rooms with laser beams?

    I feel like I need to be real careful... I'm in Massachusetts, so the law is pretty hardcore around my area.
  2. Tell no one, absolutely no one -- not your best buddy, not your girlfriend. Your mouth is the #1 way to get caught.

    Only grow in your own place under secure conditions that you can control to ensure no one will come across your grow accidentally. That typically rules out roommate situations. The trick is not to rig up laser beams, it's to make sure no one will be going anywhere near your grow in the first place. Also think about odor.

    Keep in mind that strangers drop by for repairs, meter readings, pest control, deliveries, etc.
  3. If you have roomies, it's best to get people who are cool and tight lipped about pot in general. People who smoke and are very cool and chill and keep secrets easy are best.

    Living alone is obviously better, but having friends who know isn't ALL bad. They can water for you when you're gone or if you have to leave for some reason.

    Just don't tell anybody you don't HAVE to, but roomie's are pretty much a MUST tell situation if you still plan on doing it with them around, cuz they could get in serious trouble for YOUR grow, and it's best that they at least KNOW what the hell is going on so that it's not such a big shock if you get caught.

    It's good that you're nervous, but don't let that get in the way of your plans to grow, postpone them for however long is necessary, but don't give up. But face some simple facts:

    1. The more people that know you grow, the higher the chance is you will get caught.

    2. The longer your grow runs or the longer you continue to grow will continually escalate your chances of getting caught (though not as much as number 1)

    3. Running a grow should be safe, stealthy, cost efficient, and, of course, fun.

    My suggestion would be that if you for some reason can't grow at this point in time, that you spend your time researching secretly whenever you find time. Hang out on GC, ask questions, buy books if you feel like spending the money (the books cover some good basics on growing, but GC has a little bit more specifics (which is mainly due to the flood of old OG growers imo)).

    If you find that your current situation is suitable for growing (nobody knows you're growing or just the people you are living with, who MUST be chill, cool, and tight-lipped people, then take the proper precautions, do your research, spend the money, and go for it.)

    One way or another, you'll figure out how it goes and as long as you do the proper preparation and observe the established precautions, you shouldn't get caught.

    Good luck.
  4. Yeah I'm living with parents right now, and I wouldnt even think to put that kind of a burdon on my homeowners.

    Thanks for both of your insightful posts.

    What really got me thinking was looking at some seed banks... Man do some of those look delicious. I figure, why buy weed at a dealer's outrageous prices when I can have the satisfaction of growing something myself, and not only that, but its a large supply for a cheap amount of money. And its not like I'm going to grow bagseed, if I'm going to grow, its going to be something colorful and stinky.
  5. Let me dissuade you of the notion that growing MJ is cheap, especially indoors. By the time you create a good grow space, get all the supplies and such, and grow it on out, you will have spent in the hundreds. Some spend over a thousand.
  6. Well, by cheap, I mean in the big picture.. Isnt it cheaper to grow a towering plant, and have some juicy dank weed as opposed to buying from a dealer?

    How much (in terms of weight) would a small plant yield? I know it depends on strain and many other variations, but what is the bare minimum we're talking about? I spend about $30 a week from a dealer, so in the long run, I figure its cheaper then that.
  7. the bare minimum is zero, nothing, nada, zip.

    personally I would love to get a hold of some potent strains, but growing from bagseed in and of itself will yield you better bud than where it came from most likely, IF you grow, harvest, dry, and cure it well enough.

    I'm trying a small grow for my first time now and don't expect more than an oz from two plants, and to be honest I'm expecting less. In the end, it will take me at least two to three grows before I can get it down and make it cheaper than buying weed, and without cloning you still have to wait a minimum of three to six months for weed to show up again, so a small grow isn't worth it unless you clone.

    Growing is a LARGE initial investment and it takes a good deal of TIME, energy, and paranoia.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from growing as I think it's a wonderful alternative to purchasing ganja, but you must seriously consider the ramifications, costs, and efforts involved before outright doing it. I spent a YEAR planning my first grow and I still am learning a great deal as I go about this.

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