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How do you deal with weed social anxiety?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. When I am smoking a decent amount of sativa I can pretty easily get kind of anxious when I'm around. I'm becoming a bit more social lately and I'm even considering smoking once every 2 days over every day because of the anxiety weed can give me but maybe there are techniques to get rid of it like taking deep breaths and thinking less. Any of you long time blades have ways of dealing with the social anxiety you can get from weed?

    I'm sure some people might say weed cures their anxiety but after smoking for awhile it can be a slight bug out at times. I could use some serious opinions on this. I'm really considering becoming a bit less of a toker because I would like to have a more normal social life.
  2. i have a lot of anxiety, weed does usually help. but not always, and not so much in public places. so you know what i do? this is terrible, but i drink. i drink alot. i sip on my whiskey on the rocks, and it calms the nerves. beats taking xanax for me. not a good solution, but its all mental and if you cant control it then there arent a lot of choices.
  3. imo you should do whatever you feel, if you think that weed is bugging you out it may be maybe not only way to know is to try it yourself
  4. I had the same thing for a while and it still happens. I just stop smoking weed till I can get myself together and feel comfortable getting really high in social situations.

    Also try not getting as high.

  5. I actually started to do that recently (smoke in small amounts) and it really helps
  6. i have had a mild case of social anxiety throughout the years and trust me, weed amplified it for a bit. the things i avoid: smoking at random parties, smoking bowl after bowl, smoking around girls.

    all of these things bring out my social anxiety. lately i have only smoked with my friends, and it really has helped a lot. i can let loose and be myself and not worry about others opinions. also, i have tried to maintain a high tolerance so one bowl doesnt completely obliterate me.
    also, if you can, just try to become comfortable with yourself. and if you catch yourself panicking when high just take some deep breaths, relax and think about how much you enjoy life. :D
  7. Like the above poster I have a mild case of social anxiety, that I am not prescribed anything for. I have a huge weed tolerance and I can smoke bowl after bowl of headies and oil. So with this high tolerance I smoke whenever and feel great all time and not really out of my mind stoned. I have to sit and pack a few to really stoned.

    I also don't let the fact that I am stoned take me out of the equation. I try to stay sharp so as not to be a burnout.
  8. I used to be anxious too, but one day i just said "fuck it", and tried to be outgoing, and i'm a lot less anxious and get along with people a lot better. I know it probably doesn't help, but next time you're in a situation, consider just jumping into social situations, forget what people think about you, and realize you'll have more fun if you just relax. It worked for me.

    Good luck.
  9. Smoking with friends and in places your comfortable in helps alot, at least for me. As for smoking less that could work, or as someone else said maintain a high tolerance; something i REALLY can't do i take breaks some up to 2 months at a time and my tolerance has never been high. What really helped me for alittle bit was my friends that were just getting into smoking, so they would get exxxxxxtra baked before me and i wouldnt have to feel like the one who gets blitzed after a few hits. That just made me feel all around comfortable but sometimes i get the sativa jitters, even when im alone ill get racy thoughts and my heart wont stop beating fast. One thing you could try which i used to do, get high before you go out and socialize with people and put eyedrops and everything in before shower and whatever you need to do, then go and see how you are in a normal social situation. Usually what bugs me out is how people see me when im high or what i look like or something stupid like that. Small amounts works wonders and saves alot of cash though that would probably be your best bet.:smoking:
    Sometimes its hard man, music helps alot too.
  10. From my experience, no drugs can cure you from anxiety. Its just a point of view... the best cure is to get out and get some sun... u dont need to talk to people, do it step by step... although weed helps me lay back but it doesnt help when i go into that "over-thinking" mode, I just take deep breathes and try to do something that occupies my mind... just try to relax as much as possible... now my attacks is very minimal... so i think the key is to get out and keep your mind busy... staying inside and over thinking is the cause for me...
  11. Daily smoking will make you a little bit more care free. I'm a delivery driver for a pizza shop and I smoke one the job. I find that it makes me a little more friendly to my customers.

    Just become comfortable being high around people. Just have a mindset of comfortability wherever you are, and if you are not digging the vibe, just walk off by yourself for a bit if needed.
  12. :hello: agree with you 100% I used to have really bad anxiety but now im relaxed 24/7:smoking::p

  13. Damn bro thats the first time ive ever heard someone say that. Why wouldnt you want to just smoke less weed and get higher, you would save money and high tolerances suck IMO
  14. just put on some tea shades and be cool.
  15. I'm anxious about talking to girls when I an high.

    That's why I like to save weed for after the party or before sex. It's usually around the same time, but it's a lot more fun to talk to girls while drinking and shit, then worry about that later.
  16. I, usually, dont really ever get the anxiety from cannibus. I only carry 2-3 joints so that if anything were to go bad anywhere I can simply eat em or toss em. Because of this even public places dont bother me. Ive found that no matter how high you are what makes things akward is trying to act like your not high. If you just act like you NORMLy do then you would be suprized how the anxiety just lifts. If you dont go into a situation thinking "damn Im so high....shit......just act cool...",. then you will be able to interact much easyer with virtually everyone. The only times im nervous or anxious is once a month when I buy and am traveling with alot of ganja on me. Then, yea, I get mad anxiety until im home and my herb is safe in its special place:D

    My advice is this: make eye contact, laugh, smile, and just act like you do when your high at home. JUST BE YOURSELF! Anyone whos ever worked at a gas station will tell you, with all the extemly fucked up people in the world, a stoner doesnt rank very high on the threat list. Plus anyone who reconizes that your high......... probley smokes or has smoked. non smokers dont have a very good eye for baked individuals.

    Tolerance may also make a difference. Example; I have smoked daily for many years and can say that if your tolerance is low youll probley have a much harder time in public places. then again you may not. MARIJUANA EFFECTS EVERYONE DIFFERENTLY

    anyway have a wonderfull day!!!
  17. I try my best to just relax and go with the flow when I'm high. If you try to force things, not only when you're high, you tend to get a little wound up and tight. Don't think about how high you are, just enjoy the feeling and be yourself. The best advice I can give anyone who has this problem is to not put any pressure on yourself to do anything when you're high, don't try and force yourself to be calm or cool or social. You'll just end up feeling the anxiety and from there it's hard to stop. You just might not be cut out to be baked and out in public, it's nothing to be ashamed of or anything. A friend of mine at school just couldn't do it, we smoked a few times with our other friends and then went out to parties, he always wound up freaking out for some reason. After a while he decided he just shouldn't go out to large gatherings high.

    Another thing you can try is to just smoke to the point you're feeling good and go places that aren't too busy or that don't require a lot of contact with strangers. Remember, most people you'll see out and about don't give two shits if you're high or not. Maybe they can tell, maybe they can't. Chances are they don't care either way because it doesn't effect them.
  18. lol man if you lived in cali you would know where im coming from, the weed blows you out of your mind in two hits. i tried the "smoke less", but when a bowl is being passed around its tough to pass it up and say "no im working on my social anxiety and i dont want to get too high and stop talking :eek:"

    plus, if you have a high tolerance, you can smoke as much as you can and feel in control. once you feel comfortable in this state, you should go back to trying to keep a low tolerance. its really all about feeling comfortable, and having a high tolerance helped me out. :D:p
  19. In my years of smoking Ive realized two things about weed. First is that it really does cause social anxiety. Second is that amotivational syndrome is real and a huge bitch.
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    Funny because I have found the exact opposite to be true for me. I find marijuana helps cure my social anxiety. Just a puff or two and anxiety leaves me. The same is also true for the amotivational syndrome. I find weed, if managed and used with intentionality, actually motivates me to do physical work. In fact, as one example of this, I usually smoke/vape before a work-out and am thus more focused and energized throughout the workout.

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