How do you deal with unending rage?

Discussion in 'General' started by CasinoCloudz, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. As the title says, I am currently filled with a deep rage and breaking my phone, my tv, my 360, and all my 360 controllers just isnt enough today.

    What do you do to control or vent your rage. I got plenty to go around
  2. If you have broken all of those items then you need to see someone. Anger Management or something, seriously. That's not normal dude.
  3. break into a psychology ward..

    good riddance
  4. Seriously you should seek some professional help if you HAVE broken all of those expensive electronic equiptment.

    i live with my buddy who seriously has rage problems like you do good sir, when he gets mad nothing will stop him, wether it be walls or bricks he will try to break them.

    broken his hands multiple times from punching immovable objects, i have tried to tell him to seek help too but he refuses saying he doesnt have a problem.

    the next best thing to do is to vent it out to someone, whenever my friend rages i try to calm him down, sit him and down and ask him "whats up"

    if you have someone else there who will listen to your problems and what you have to say, it really can make a HUGE difference, you may not think so, but building all of that up inside is not good for you.
  5. Lol when im veryyy mad at something il usually throw it at a wall or hit it (Laptop) at the time your mind is telling you to do it but 10seconds later your like fuck man why did i do that :(
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  7. Ive managed to calm down a little bit by fuckin around on here but honestly I feel no regret for everything I have broken.

    And Ive been to three different therapists. One told me I had anger issues, the other depressed. I asked them if their college degree was in being stupidly obvious. Checked myself outta two and the other one said we were making no progress so he stopped schedualing me.
  8. Listen to that Bastard song, forreal
  9. I destroyed so much stuff cause of rage. Nowadays I usually hit the gym and just run myself ragged and imagine the pain I'm feeling is being felt by whoever I'm pissed off at.

    I think it's a psychological issue though, sometimes I fly in a rage because something's annoying me but the reaction isn't proportional to the annoyance. The gym helps me out somewhat, I figure I would've started breaking people if I didn't channel the anger somehow.

    I'm not a tough guy or anything, and it's not like I'm on edge all the time. It's just that at certain times something being said just pisses the fuck out of me, while at a different time the same thing could elicit no reaction from me.

    Don't know if all that has any bearing on you OP, but that's what happens to me.
  10. Smoke a bong load!
  11. I would smoke weed if I had money to spare but I just had to pay two tickets and recently bought all my college books which turned out to be a waste because i got booted from half my classes anyways.
  12. go get some old sega genesis or playstations or something and break all that shit. unless you just enjoy destroying high end electronic goods. :confused_2:
  13. I tell you what dude. It sounds like you are pretty fucked up. I am not a professional, but this sounds like a dissassociative disorder of some sort. An example would be this, the child who was molested by a family member. While on the outside appearing calm, the inside rages with surpressed emotions caused by guilt, fear, shame, etc. Disorders like this fall under PTSD. I do not know if your family is still together, but somehow, somewhere, it appears that the adults did something that fucked you up. Talking about it will not help. It needs chemical control.

    I will warn you of this......I was involuntarily placed in state control over my behavior and rage. After a year, they decided I was okay. Watch what you do, watch what you say and who you say it too. All a doctor has to say is you are dangerous and off you go..........Sorry to break it to you that way, but once they have you, you belong to them until THEY say you feel better.
  14. Meh, ill be fine, I dont think there is anything inherintly wrong with me but if I need some xanax so slow my roll then so be it. Maybe ittl relax me enough to finally get a girlfriend (highly fucking doubtful) O yeah I almost just broke my keyboard because I missed the space bar while I was typing. O well.
  15. I thought I was bad. If you're that tense you're liable to run into real trouble when you piss someone off with your temper tantrums. You sound like the adult-version of the kid who starts crying if he can't get his way.

    I don't want to trivialize your problems in life but goddamn, learn how to direct your anger against the people who deserve it.
  16. I bought this thing to beat with a baseball bat, dryer vent tube, throw things at, whatever. He can take multiple blows from a bat, pipe or whatever I'm angry at.

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  17. I rarely outburst on people in public unless they are truly pissing me off. I dont have the little tough guy syndrome (I know who can beat my ass and who cant) and am generally pretty calm around friends. its just the "little" things that frustrate me on a daily basis that bring my rage to a whole different level. To be honest, I dont think any of my friends have ever seen me flip out.
  18. Another thing you should also measure is your resistance to or appreciation of gang-rape. If you are sent to prison, this will be part of your new daily ritual. Are you angry enough that you would fly into a rage if Dexter and the boys didn't give you 24 inchs of pain the way you expect?"

  19. B.O.B

    you are my hero
  20. You are correct, when I am breaking things there is nothing that makes it feel better than thoughts of giant man cock gang rape. How did you figure me out?

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