How do you deal with a leachy friend?

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  1. (This is a little long, but please read)

    In my group of buddies most of them are cool as fuck, except this one guy who I really liked when I first met him. then lately, he kind of became a huge asshole. Whenever I drive him around he leaves a whole bunch of wrappers and garbage in my car and he never pays for gas, he also doesn't chip in for weed whenever we smoke him up. Last weekend I let him borrow this kick ass homemade pipe I made, took me 3 hours to make and it was really awesome for homemade quality. Metal neck, smoke chamber, i used a really nice socket for the bowl and then I wrapped a shoelace around it, I went all out on this thing.
    He came back with it all in parts saying he made a bong stem out of it and I should be grateful because now I have a bong and they are "so much better". True, but if I wanted a fucking bong stem I would of made one my fucking self!!!

    I just want to know how you guys deal with leachy friends because I don't want to get in an argument I just want a way for this to come to an end and me still be friends with the guy.

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  2. 'Sorry man gotta visit my family out of town'
    'Don't have gas this week'
    'My dog is sick'
    Don't respond to texts.
  3. tell him to respect your shit
    if he's mature he'll suck it up and not be a little bitch about it
  4. ^^^ + 1 ^^^
  5. Your friend is a user.  Tell him what you posted, if he doesn't respond like a gentleman then ask him if he likes sex and the outdoors; then tell him to take a fucking hike.
  6. I see these threads often. I always encourage to stay away from the typical "high-school" mentality. Forget excuses or anything of that nature, why should you? You are all adults.
    Have a conversation with him straight up. If he doesn't take it the right way, then you shouldn't be friends with him. Exactly as the guy above stated. 
  7. Just tell him the truth. If he can't handle it, then he revealed his true intentions of being a user. Some people are oblivious to such things until you tell them.
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    Lol wow, i never would have let it get that far, first time id of given a pass, honest mistakes, 2nd time give a warning and after that if somthing dick like that happens a 3rd time id probably flip out on them with extreem prejudice or worse, depending on what they did and how they acted.
  9. i hate that shit. people always seem decent in the begining lol. honestly all you can do is cut assholes off  because they only get worse and its extra stress for no reason. Fuck friends. You should see this as a sign of things to come.

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