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How do you De-calcify your "Pineal Gland"?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by BLVCK ANGEL, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,Do you know of any Eating or Physical methods or organic fish oils that will help decalcify the Pineal Gland.

    I heard Sungazing at the sun the first 15 minutes of sunrise and the last 15 minutes of sunset will do wonders for it,but I dunno.

    I want to Get rid of as much much calcium from the Gland as possible. Before 12 21 12.
    I also read that It is better to get in shape before this date.
  2. I have heard that if you stop consuming fluoride by avoiding toothpaste with fluoride in it and removing it from your water supply will help.

    Why is it better to get in shape before that date?
  3. I know meercats salute the sun rise for 30 minutes every day or some shit fuckin meercat Manor
  4. I have heard both these claims and find them fascinating. Still I remain somewhat skeptical without any hard scientific data in front of me to back it up.

    Definitely something I will google but right now I need some fucking sleep.

    Goodnight GC:wave:
  5. I don't know of any sure-fire ways to de-calcify the pineal gland, however as others have suggested removing any fluoride based products from your life/daily activities helps tremendously. Question to anyone, I have a well located in my back yard that pumps water up to the house. Is this water also contaminated with fluoride? or is it "safe" to drink? thanks

  6. If your well is from an aquifer rather than city water, as long as it's purified it should be fine.

    Also you can go around and look for fluoride free toothpaste, I've been getting all natural toothpaste for a few months now that are all fluoride free, taste awesome too if ya find the good kinds :smoke:
  7. smoke unmentionables maybe idk....
  8. Like this, man.

  9. Grab some vitamin K2. I don't support this claim as I've only read it and not taken any, yet, but they say it helps your body put calcium where it's supposed to go. Helps to regulate your calcium.

    Lot of people rave about Blue Ice fermented skate liver oil for cleaning your pineal, but from what I put together, vitamin K2 is the reason for that.
  10. What the fuck are you guys talking about???
  11. Pineal gland is thought to help with your "third eye". Also makes serotonin and melatonin.

    It doesn't get the same protection the rest of your brain does and gets shit built up around it. Things like calcium and fluoride, hindering pineal gland health.

    Quick and easy.
  12. Maybe thats why I have trouble sleeping. I take a couple mg's of Melatonin before bed too.
  13. So... What makes you think your pineal gland has calcium deposits? Just curious

  14. There are studies that show that the pineal gland becomes more and more calcified as you age. By adulthood, in most people, it is pretty much fully calcified.
  15. wat :smoking: that sounds ridiculous

  16. I've read the same thing. Slowly calcifies with age. The older you are the more calcified your pineal gland is controlling for diet
  17. Well, if that were true, wouldn't you want to just be as healthy as possible?
    That means eating healthy and staying active?

    I'm thinking I want to get back into juicing.
  18. haha this is common sense in so many ways but being fat is so much easier for most people.

    juicing rules!
  19. PLEASE consider buying SKATE LIVER OIL. It works wonders!

  20. How would you be able to tell if your pineal gland is healthy (or not)?

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