How do you corner a waterpipe bowl efficently?

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  1. Hi Im having trouble with cornering im using a metal screen so my bud doesn't fall down i try to light the sides and ill inhale but when i let go it will just keep burning like a joint would and most of the other side burns as well so there's only like a tiny bit not even worth smoking and the rest is ash, and I keep the lighter away from it aswel and only touch the tip of the flame on it so its not that ive been smoking for nearly 3 years.

  2. The only thing I could think to do is once you touch the edge and start sucking is to cover the bud so it goes out
  3. Whats the point? Short of weed? This attention to protocal by todays generation of stoners is fueled by sites like this where common threads of belief, stoner morality and , god forbid "RULES" get passed along as stoner scripture. If I'm hittin the bong, Im suckin it down till the ash hitsthe water so you better have made sure you have enough for your hit saved. Thats old school...fuck rules man...lets get high...a full bong hit aint Bogartin...burning half a j while your buds wait for a hit is.
  4. theres no way to do a corner wrong.. have the flame only touch one part of the bowl and suck in hard (ayo). Then when you stop pulling the ember there will die out. it's not gonna spread around the bowl
    Try capping the bowl with a coin after your done taking a toke, i used to do that and it would out the bowl in seconds, then i would corner again after its out
  6. Well i like to experiment to see how quickly the bowl will cherry when flame starts to touch herb, so I get an idea to know when to lift the flame off the herbs so youre not making the bowl cherry up. What you want is to light it gently so that the bud cherry will last you for your desired length of hit. Just practice i guess lol it happens to everyone and it doesnt matter much either
  7. Well when i stop inhaling it will just burn the rest of the weed and the smoke will just go up out the bowl avoiding my lungs
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  15. when your inhaling if you stop mid hit a gush of smoke will come out of your bowl 
    1.Inhale dont stop, Pull slider while still inhaling
    2. If bowl still cherry then put coin / metal grinder on top to suffocate the fire

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