How do you cope with being adopted?

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  1. I don't know anyone in my biological family. Who am i?
  2. just another person.. why would it matter if you're adopted? probably better off for you anyways since your mom couldn't take care of you. :)
  3. Well apparently you don't have any milk.
  4. come on bud, whats biological matter if you werent raised by them? i mean it would be cool to know, but ultimately who you are is who you are! you still grew up just like everyone else right? you're a human being? youre you. dont matter if your parents now arent your biological parents. or your family now.

    all im saying is i have brothers from another mother, and family that isnt my blood.
  5. Your family is whoever loves you and would do anything for you. Dave Thomas was adopted. Look at what he accomplished.
  6. Dated a girl once who was adopted. She seemed happy with it. What does blood mean anyway? Plenty of kids who grow up with bio parents end up fucked up.
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    I tend to talk to myself a shitload so it would probably go like this:

    "I don't know anyone in my biological family. Who am I?"

    "You're you, the person you were brought up to be by the people who have given you food on a regular basis and a place to sleep. Be grateful for what you have, if you weren't adopted chances are you'd be living in a broken home where everything's caught fire and it's all going down in flames. You could be starving, you could be abused every so often, you could be on drugs, you could be selling entry to your asshole on the streets. Or worse...

    Scour the Earth for the people who made your existence possible by all means. However brace yourself for the possibilities, you might've been an accident, she might have been a hooker or something along those lines. They might not want to know about you or have anything to do with you. Plus, people are generally assholes and the chance of my real parents being a pair of them is quite high still, we're all made out of flesh and blood and we're all fucked (it helps to remember that IMO).

    Then the people who raised me have showed themselves to be completely selfless, unless of course they just got me to show off to people how good they are, in that case they're cunts but that doesn't erase the fact that I'm where I am because of them. The truth is always harsh so don't do anything drastic unless you know you're ready to handle something that has the potential of shattering the very foundations of yourself.

    On the other hand, your real parents probably just weren't able to handle bringing you up because of the social, personal and financial implications so they gave you to someone else so you could have a better life... Yeah... That's definitely it -.-"
  8. I live.

    I'd like to know my biological side so I can know what medical problems that family is prone too, because more than likely I'll be prone to them too. It'd be nice to know I have a brother or something, but other than that man it's just title.

    "Biological family"

    If anything you could maybe feel good about having an adoptive and biological family, you have two, where a lot of people in the world barely have any.
  9. Be grateful for having anyone that loves you. It doesn't matter whether you're related.
  10. Dunno who you are, but does it really matter?

    Your biological mother gave you up for adoption hoping that you would have a better life than she could provide for you. Plenty of kids are raised by parents who weren't ready for kids or possibly didn't even want kids. Count your blessings that you were adopted by parents that were both ready and willing. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is.

    Just be sure you show your love to your adoptive parents. They brought you into their lives when they didn't have to!
  11. Your family is the one who helped raise you and your good friends who will be there for you. Finding out that you are adopted should not change a thing in the world. I would not fret too much about it.
  12. I beleive the Opiate Appreciate Thread is your answer. You will learn soon enough Young Jedi...Soon enough...
  13. It's just going to sound arrogant to tell you not to think about it or to just forget about it, so I can't make it that simple.

    You've got an adoptive family that has cared enough for you to take you in and raise you, along with all the highs and lows that that stuff entails. A lot of people take their parents for granted just because they've always been there. I don't know them but from the simple fact that they adopted you, yours sound like they're probably pretty nice. Be as satisfied as you can with the situation you're in because your adoptive parents did a lot to change your life.

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