How do you collect run-off water?

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  1. Hi. I just wanted to see how people deal with the run-off water that gets collected in your tray after watering.
    I pump the water from the run-off tray and pump it into a bigger container, do my ppm and ph measurements then i pour it down the toilet.

    How do you guys deal with your run-off?
    Feel free to contribute. I need some ideas.
  2. collect in a tray then tossed on the lawn.
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  3. I shop vac it out of the tray.
  4. How do you lift the tray? Does someone lift the plant and somebody takes the tray? There’s one me, and that is why it is currently an issue for me. I think I would need to make a stand with 4 legs, empty middle, to hold the pot, and so the water drips to the tray, and tray is removable w/o lifting the pot up. Idk, is there any other ways?
  5. Here is my set up. Plant caddy has a tray that you pull out to dump the water. Use in collaboration with the down under plant stand to raise the pot up on the plant caddy stand for air. Never have to lift the plant again to move to water. They come in different sizes 10 inch to 16 inch.
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  6. black4x4IDtray.jpg 3 weeks.JPG
    The tray has a drain in one end. I built an incline board to place the tray on - it's high enough so I can fit a gallon milk carton under it and all the run off goes into the milk carton. I don't need to move anything.
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  7. I suck it out with a big 250ml suring with a hose on the end.
  8. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Is that 4x4 tray and if so where did you get it? I need one of those. Thanks

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  10. Just stick a straw in it and drink it up.
  11. PVC pipe T would catch the top of res runoff. Also the drain plugs at the bottom of the hempy bucket can be runoff into the T. Runoff was collected outside the grow room.



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