How do you clean your bowls?

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  1. When they're too funky for just scraping.
  2. Iso + Salt + elbow grease. Or Grunge off(more expensive) and Simple Green(cheaper I personally do not like simple green)
  3. Grunge off for pieces that are hard to clean and 420 for stuff that isn't too bad.
  4. I actually find cleaning bowls and downstems a pain in the ass with ISO, so I just put them on the stove for like 30 minutes and then just rinse it with salt + water to clean out the ash. Looks brand new :D
  5. Sometimes that dank... do stank, Most of the time just use a little elbow grease

  6. Cleaning my ben wilson DD slide is easy, idc about it being black, and i think completely cleaning it is a waste of grungeoff. But i just get a paper clip, get all the resin out of the bottom, then use another paper clip and put it through each slit.
  7. Boil that shit for like a minute, then scraping it comes REAL easy.
  8. I scrape off the resin with my finger nails.
  9. I've never even heard of Grungeoff. I soak mine in rubbing alcohol then boil them.
  10. My bowl? Hot water and a q-tip
  11. zip lock pour iso mix some salt put bowl, slide , whatever in the mixture and shake and it will be clean. could use the search button... i belive i answered this question 4 times in a day and a half
  12. i KNEW it sounded familiar.
    im pretty sure ive read all 4
  13. run it under some water and use a q-tip to get in the places it didnt come off. Salt isant going to do anything for cleaning unless you have a bong! Be careful tho, when I did this in college a few years back it made my whole dorm smell

  14. The salt is an abrasive and quite effectively scrapes resin off when its in the mix
  15. Yeah, that's why people use the salt, speeds things up a lot.

    I was searching around for something the other day, checking out a bunch of different online uh head shops, I guess. And there was some kind of a "helpful" tip on one page about cleaning glass pieces. It said not to use iso, but instead to use fingernail polish remover. Because it smells better!:confused:
    I just said, out loud, what the fuck? and went about my search to some other site, but that seems like shitty advice to me. Anyone actually do that?
  16. Personally I think nail polish remover smells absolutely awful, but it does work just as well as iso.

  17. Yeah it works better or just as good as iso, but smells alot worse imo.
  18. Isopropyl alcohol, hot water, Epsom salt, and cotton swabs.
  19. Yeah, I just can't wrap my head around the idea that, apparently to some people, iso smells worse than nail polish remover(npr).
    And the tip wasn't worded like some people may prefer the fumes from the remover to the iso fumes but as if it was just a fact that the npr smelled better.
    Still seems like shitty advice to me, though I understand that they will both clean the piece.

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