how do you clean an incredibowl

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  1. as the title states.
  2. I don't know but those things are UNBREAKABLE
  3. yeahh i just saw the youtube vid about it and it looks legit
  4. boiling water for the metal part, iso/ salt for boro part

    just a guess
  5. Lol @ the price.
  6. That's cause it's mostly not glass.

    My best guess as well. It wouldn't be an extraordinarily hard piece to clean. Grunge off would work fine for the glass pieces too... and I don't see why you couldn't use it for the whole device. Obviously you'd want to test it on small, inconspicuous places first to make sure nothing bad happens.

    Grunge Off is the best cleaner for thc resin that I know of.
  7. looks like a nice piece how much does it cost?
  8. i guess you could just iso/salt the whole thing, or GO like sinse said.

    for some reason i was thinking metal and rubbing alcohol was bad. silly me :smoking:
  9. Metal + Rubbing alcohol = metal turning red... any idea what that is?
    I always meant to make a thread but after cleaning my cheap metal pipe and grinder they started to turn red in colour in some spots... rust?
  10. ya that would probably be rust.

    it might just be because you rinsed it off with water but did not dry it?
  11. Close to 200...
  12. ya i would just buy a bong instead for that price even if that shit is unbreakable
  13. For regular maintenance, you'll just remove the expansion chamber, unscrew the nut at the end of the nozzle, and switch screens. You may also choose to remove residue from the nozzle.

    For a deep clean, disassemble your Incredibowl according to the instructions on included with your Incredibowl.

    In case you lost them:
    1. Extend the Incredibowl all the way, grasp the edge of the carb bearing (ie black piece) with your thumb and forefinger to prevent it from pinching you, and pull the expansion chamber off with a twisting motion.
    2. Unscrew the end of the nozzle, remove the spring and the carb bearing
    3. Use a pencil, chopstick, or similar item to *push* the glass out from the end of the nozzle

    Once you've disassembled, soak your parts in a jar of isopropyl alcohol from 45 min to 8 hours, then rinse with warm water.

    Isopropyl tends to work better on the metal than any of the expensive glass cleaners out there.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to email them to
  14. how convenient
  15. It's the same as cleaning any other piece... except you can take it apart and do it in a smaller container.

    I microwave some iso until it boils, drop everything into it, shake it, and wipe it down.

    Completely clean in a matter of minutes.
    The o-rings will expand in the hot iso if you leave them on, but return to normal after they cool.

  16. wtf you have to literally take the whole damn thing apart....
  17. Incredibowl=fail

  18. see what i did thar?????
  19. It's not actually complicated for anyone that knows to push the square blocks through the square hole...

    Does it really look complicated to you?

    I actually really like the 'mechanical' feel to the whole thing, so it's kind of fun breaking it all down.
  20. holy crap you can push square blocks through square holes!!!!! I thought they go in the the circle holes

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