How do you clean a bowl?

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  1. I cant seem to be able to clean out my bowl any good. as you can see im so EXTREMELY fucked up right now and I need answers. thank youu.:smoke:
  2. Formula 420 from the headshop works GREAT!

  3. okay use some 91% iso rubbing alcohol soak it, the dip some q-tips in somne more iso and scrub that bitch out...
  4. First scrap as much resin out of it while its still hot (from smoking duh)
    Then use Formula 420 =)
  5. formula 420 works, but the price is too high, 91% alcohol from walmart or a store like that is just as effective, also use some salt, the bigger the chunks the better. table salt will work, but epsom salt is what i use, and i clean pieces every day so i can fix em. its like $5 for a big bottle of 91% and a small container of epsom salt, compaired to $20-$25 for formula 420. use a ziploc bag, put the alcohol and salt in with your bpwl and shake it up. when the liquid turns black rinse it all out and repeat the process until its clean.

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