How do you catch run off after watering - drip pans/drainage

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  1. I'm thinking about elevating the girls four inches, and using a plastic water heater drip pan to catch and release water. Would love some other ideas though.
    What tools, techniques do you use when watering.  What do you do with your run off? Do you let it evaporate, or do you drain it somehow?

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  3. Sweet setup u got there. Looks like a full time job! I didn't see a res though, still curious about your watering system. Saw light of lights, space and vents, but no watering system. Sorry, still new at this indoor shit! Haha

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  4. Since I only have the two plants currently, I didn't want to spend a shit ton of money on a drainage system so I made one up. I bought 2 water heater drip pans, but they are fucking huge which is annoying, but for now I have the space. They do make smaller ones (as small as 16 inches), these two are 24 inches round.

    There has always been a whole cut in the floor of our shed so I simply drain through the whole in the floor and release all run off so there is no standing water (what's left in the pan evaps in about 4 hours). I spent $22 on the two pans and PVC.

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    My drain system is a lil further in the thread. 
    Mine is a recover style. I reuse the water. 
    If your going for a dump system. then your going in the right direction. 
    I would run all that water to a garden right outside the shed. no point in wasting all them nutes. lol 
    plus, putting water under the shed could result in mold issues.
    biggest thing is flow. when installing pvc or other, need minimum of 1/4 in per ft drop for water flow. 
    pretty sweet system!  I've heard that recycling the water isn't the best for the plant... like your are putting used "half ass" nuts back in your plant.  do you filter the water somehow?  I would love to recycle the water, we live on a farm and our pond feeds our well, which feeds out plants so I'm not too worried about it i guess.
    I thought mold might be an issue, but the shed sits on cinder blocks so has ventilation underneath.... not too worried about it but we'll see.  Thanks for your comments.
  7. If I were growing in soil or Coco, I wouldn't reuse the water. 
    I'm growing in perlite, like a hydro system. I would use way too much water if I didn't reuse it. 
    In soil or Coco, the medium holds the nutes, so in a way, yes, your water wouldn't have the nutes you want, but the soil already does.
    thats, why you'd water with nutes, then only water for the next three to five waters. 
    That looks like its a OSB floor, after time of getting wet, it will rot and fall thru. try to keep it dry. maybe put that funnel into the hole.

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