How do you bust up your buds?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bonniewalberg, Feb 18, 2009.

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    yeah I'm bored.....I use scissors
  2. Never should you use scissors. Ever. Excpet if the bud wasnt dried properly and is still to moist as to where it "tears" rather than crumbles.
  3. I use a grinder, and to the guy who said don't use scissors... do you have any logic in that statement?
  4. Are there people out there who actually use battery or electricity-powered grinders?

    It's not coffee, people.
  5. sharpstone 4-peice. works like a charm.
  6. diamond grinders are worth every penny

  7. I use coffee grinders, Why not? It gets the job done way better and faster:rolleyes: Especially if you like ediables
  8. i use a coffee grinder just press the button for a second and its perfect
  9. whats the difference in using grinder scissors or hands your all still breaking up the weed. someone enlighten me please

  10. if your using your hands some of the THC will rub off on your hands
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    I love to use my sharpstone grinder but most the time I just want to do it real quick I use my fingers.
  12. i use a meatal grinder but my bro uses a electric grider it looks like a flash lite
  13. i dont have enough weed to use an electric grinder, i did use one for that they salvia stuff
  14. Fingers generally (smoke more glass than papers )

    Break that nug apart, the caveman man :D

    Who voted scissors ? :confused:
  15. 3 piece grinder, I'm thinking of upgrading to a 4 piece but I don't know if the small spike in kief production is worth it.
  16. Hand held grinder.

    I've answered this so many times now.

  17. it's funny when someone uses a handheld grinder with wet weed LOL
  18. Right now a shitty plastic grinder until my new one comes in the mail.
  19. Fingers when I decided to roll up a blunt.
  20. I like to do it by hand

    I don't know if it does but I feel like it burns so quickly when grinded

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