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how do you burn hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by chuckiez, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. my freind gave me some everytime i try to light it it barely lets out any smoke wont cherry its like tar but its definately hash
  2. I assume its ISO hash or goo or something of similar texture. I would get a both of weed and place just a bit of the hash on that and smoke it. It always seems (to me) to burn better when I smoke on top of some other weed, gives it something to sit on while it heats up.
  3. it must have alot of impurities in it. Good hash will generally melt and bubble, leaving a little black residue, really good hash will leave nothing. How are you so sure its really hash? did he make it? If it is qwiso it could have soaked to long. It could be pipe resin also.
  4. yea its qwiso and he made it
  5. Flatten it out like a pancake, and put it ontop of a bowl of weed.
  6. if it dosent smoke it isnt made correctly
  7. don't you need a butain lighter for hash? i could be wrong though..
  8. Put the hash on the weed.
  9. THIS! if its hard break it off on top of a bowl if not just kind of roll some bud around in it, puts your bowl on a whole nother level man!

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