how do you bring pot into a concert?

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  1. how, or what is the best way to bring pot into a concert? and more like a big venue not a club. i'm goin to see 311 at nissan pavillion 7/30. by the way, anyone else goin?
  2. You just roll a joint and stick it in a cigarette box. Thats what we always do here. Or get a girl to stick it in her bra.
  3. i get the baggy, and i put it infront of my nuts inbetween my boxors and my pants, and i have part of the bag between my belly and my belt buckle on my pants... since i dont sag, its usually pretty tight and no one fondles my nuts =/
  4. shoe, hide away pockets, inside your hat (if you have a nifty little weed compartment that no one can find like myself), or just put it in a cigerette box.
    to name a few anyways.
  5. do they do actual searches there?!

    At the Alltell Pavilion in raleigh, nc all they do is check bags.

  6. no one fondles your nuts huh?? Thats what i thought... I went to an unwritten law concert and i swear the searcher was trying to tear them off.. but boy did he get in trouble when we told his supervisor.. haha.. yeah... what I do is put them in a cigarett case now that i can actually own cigaretts... but i dont smoke.. or put them in this handy little pocket i have sewn into my boxers for times like that. its on my right hip and its about 2x2 inches and had a snap so it all stays in.
  7. i've always been a fan of sharpies. you can open one up, pull out the ink cartirage, take a baggie with pot in it and roll it, and slide it in there. then just put the plastic part with the tip back on (just snaps in and out) and you have not only a working sharpie, but also a sharpie full of herb :)

    you can fit more than enough in there, but not too too much, that way if they tell you (for whatever reason) to get rid of it, it wouldn't be THAT big of a loss. i just say im using it to get autographs, and it works.

    along those same lines, i've been looking to make a stealth pipe for a long time. so i ahve this metal pen, which comes apart with a little effort. i pushed a screen in the non-writing end, under the metal cap that i made removable, and it's now a pipe. i pack a bowl, put the butt-end cap on, put the regular cap on and go. and i glued a smaller ink cartirage in there, so it still writes. :D

    oh, yeah.
  8. every concert i've ever been to in the UK the most they did was pat you down like at the airport. no bag checks or anything.

    it's easy to get weed into a concert. real easy. rolling a joint is the hard part....... so roll up BEFORE you get there :D
  9. ROFL

    Unwritten Law

    So gay

  10. Yo I'm going to that 311 concert! But ya man, you will be able to sneak that shit in easily, because everyone else is going to do the same thing, and smoke it while listening to who's got the herb.
  11. hey!!! dont diss unwritten law!!!! :) :) haha.. no its cool.. just out of curiosity what do you listen to? And hey.. even if a bands not that good..... live is alwasy gnarly!!!
  12. I have a crotch stash pocket covering the zip of my trousers. Also you can always just stash it down your crotch in an extra baggy of somthing. I managed to fit my pipe into my shoe, even thought it hurt alot. They dont really search you that well at most gigs, usually only at large venues. e.g wembley or something, where they search you whenever you go in or out of the standing area. You could also make a hidden cut through part of some inexpensive clothes, creating your own stash pocket.
  13. i allways use my shoes, but where i am they don't ask you to remove them, half the time they don't search at all, and when they do, they're looking for weapons, not drugs..........Peace out.........Sid
  14. tape it to the inside of your leg by your crotch. just don't use a lot of tape so you can pull it right off once your inside.
  15. nah i doubt the search will be anything big at nissan. too many people to search thoroughly. HFStival security was a joke if you didnt have a bag, i brought in a blunt, joint, and container of weed in just my pocket.
  16. at concerts they are searching you for weapons, like knifes, guns, etc. So as long as you put it in a cig pack, or in a sharpie, or something like that they won't look inside.

    this is what i do.Its a waste of a pack of cigs but it works,i rip the bottom off of all 20 cigs, just leaving the filters, then a stick a bag of herb in there, put a peice of cardboard over top of the bud, and put the filters back in, looks like a full pack of smokes, just hope no one asks to bum any, lol.
  17. yeah, i just put them in my pocket. maybe im dumb?!? :p
    but when i hear that the security is real bad, then i put it in my shoe, under my insoles. its pretty cool and i think everyone should do this: take out the insole in your shoe (most come out, it wont work if yours is glued) dig into it and make a little compartment for the weed. then just slip the insole back in. they never check it. even when they checked me when i got caught at school, they just took off the shoe shook it a bit and gave it back.( i should have put my stuff in there...still kicking myself for that.)
  18. corn dog, just be like i use the under ten rule, where if i am under ten butts i dont give any

    that might sound greedy but will save you from the turning somoene down


  19. I wouldnt put my weed into a smoke pack. Ive seen security check those before. Its rare but it happens.

    Honestly though, its so easy to sneak stuff into shows. Ive brought baggies of weed, rolled up blunts, mickeys of vodka, etc...

    Only 1 time I was caught, they found my roach tin. I warned them not to open it...but they did...and it reeked haha, they let me off with it though.

  20. They never care, if they spot you smoking they just take your shit. That beats being carried away along with your shit.

    Were you up smokin in the 420 section by any chance?

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