How do you break up with a girl, and not be a dick?

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  1. ....i've been going out with this chick for a month and a half, and its seeming too constricting, with her trying to make me stop toking. she's getting waaaay too mushy way too fast. so i want to break up with her.

    problem is, she's in my immidiate circle of friends. we spend most of the second half of the day together. she's in half of my classes (we're HS seniors) i can't avoid her much, and as such can't go with my normal, brutal, flat-out break up.

    so i'll get to the point- how would i go about breaking up with her without being a dick?

    PS...i doubt i'll get any pussy from her any time soon, she's a christian, republican, and other such things. she's against me smoking pot, and that ain't cool.
  2. tell her if she really loved you she'd let you smoke weed and have sex with you. jk!
    i dunno man you know the girl better then us but id just be straight up with her and tell her she is too controlling and its not working.
  3. Just tell her you're too different and ya'll just don't mesh well.

    It's only been a month and a half... If the relationship isn't worth it, it's not worth it.

    You only come off as a dick if you act like one in the process.

    There's a difference between honesty and deuche-baggery
  4. As mortikai says be honest and no harm can be done. If she goes psychobabblebitch on you after that then she is just being immature.
  5. good advice, thanks. i'm used to just straight up dumping girls, but i won't be getting much pussy if i go that route with this chick. i'll do what mortikai said.
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    Every-time you're around her play this song, and only this one, repetitively. Also tell her you genuinely enjoy it with a straight-face, this is probably(See:WILL BE) going to be the hardest part.

    Edit: click on it after it says embedding disabled, if you dare...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Linkin Park- Given Up.[/ame]

    She'll want out before she gets cerebral palsy. TADAH! You're free, no need to thank me as you also may have developed an aneurysm during this time depending on how resistant she is to utter-shit.
  7. ^^ I tried listening to it. Couldn't handle more than 30 seconds.

    Fuck keeping from laughing when you tell her you like it. It's all about keeping from cringing while you suffer through listening to it.
  8. like a band-aid, one motion, clean off!
  9. tell her you dont want to have a gf right now...but ask to remain friends...tell her your too busy with college stuff since its your senior year. and tell her you can stil lhang out i guess.
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    Tell her the truth, and just say it's nothing personal- she just lives a very different lifestyle than you. It doesn't mean you're saying you don't like her (even though you might not), but that you merely can't conform to her values- but if she doesn't want to have sex respect that, but the weed thing- you don't need to put up with her telling you not to smoke something harmless like weed- it's none of her business.
  11. just be flat out "i havent gotten any pussy since we started goin out and i think im gonna kill someone if i dont get some soon... so... we can either fuck or break up its up to you"
  12. He said "--with out being a dick.":rolleyes:
  13. Its not possible, girls will always think of you as a dick unless they break up with you.
  14. Just tell her you're to diffrent... you're not a member of an evil political party, you fully understand the substances you use on your body and don't need anyone trying to fuck with you over it, in general to fuck off:p

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