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How do you break up bud to smoke it???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. There a many ways to break up herb before smoking. I myself am extremely anal about it..... I take off the adjacent calyxs and snip the little stem behind so I can 'take apart' the plant the way it grows. Every internode has 2 adjacent calyxs on each side that cover the bud on that internode. I take the bud apart internode by internide, calyx by calyx...... if I have the proper materials and aren't pressed for time.

    I personally hate it when people just jam a whole nug in the bowl. It makes it harsher, it can often get hard to get a hit because too much or too little air gets through, and it can be a waste of herb. If you break up a dense little nug instead of smoking it whole it you will have more hits.

    There are time when it has to be done quickly and without scissors. In that situation I still try to break it up as good as possible. It sucks breaking up nug without scissors sometimes though..... a fresh batch of good headys will almost always squish between your fingers.
  2. A grinder.

    Dont forget that one
  3. Shit.... should've but that in the poll.
  4. Grinder all the way,but I de-stalk a bit first.I don't want to smoke a bunch of ground up trees.
  5. i also use a grinder, but like someone said i take out all the stems (and seeds if i'm smoking mids) first.
  6. I use my sweetleaf, I take out the stems but sometimes I don't think about it and grind with the stem in and I have to dig through the pile of weed to get the broken stems out.
  7. electric coffee grinder
  8. Sometimes a cheapo grinder (waiting for a space case) but between your options def. by hand every time. I know this is a bit noobish but what exactly is a calyx?
  9. a caylx, is the little pod thing with the hairs shootin out of it
  10. A good old grinder, nothing beats it.
  11. For cooking I just place a eight or a quarter or whatever on a cutting board and chop that shit up. No kief catch so therefore I get high as all hell. I am starting to put it in everything I eat including family meals. It's the greatest thing ever to get people high when they don't expect it.

  12. Maybe next week you can upgrade to Roofies...
  13. personally that sounds like a real jack ass move too me. getting high is a choice a person makes, and should never be forced.
  14. Its my fucking family chill out. I have never gotten my brother high - he's into government. But my parent lived through the sixties and seventies so fuck off. My life goal of getting as many people to enjoy cannabis as possible will not be stopped by your dickishness. As to whoever said roofies next your an idiot. Good work you made a fun loving MJ enjoying person pissed the fuck off. Congratulations dickheads.

    One final time thank you for assuming the worst about a fellow cannabis consumer.
  15. word, wtf. its like druging someone...what if the person has shit to do that day bro?
    anyway i just break up with my fingers. just peel the buds apart and throw em into the bowl(lol, i can say that now my friend got a bong and thats all we use now).
  16. Again its my family I know what they do each day. I don't feel the need to convince everyone what I'm doing isn't wrong but please understand this is completely ethical by the standard I have been taught by my parents. The exact people I am applying this to. So my parents don't know why they're occasionally high after dinner. This is a not crime and I will not be judged by you all.
    PEACE and I hope someone understands but probably not cause its easier to criticize than to understand.
  17. fingers, sometimes if the nugs are small (and aren't seedy/stemmy) i don't break them up.
  18. No man,I understand,hey it's your life,no one knows it better than you,but you really got to jumping on peoples shit before you gave your explanation,unfortunately some things require one.

  19. i do think its fucked up to unknowingly get some one high... if they dont like it. if your fam has no problem with it then who cares.. it becomes a problem if its something there NOT OK with

    i always use my hands unless rollin a j or for cooking, then i use my grinder

  20. Yea I agree, but thats just common sense lol :p :smoke:

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