How do you boost the effects of Zopiclone and hallucinate on Zopiclone

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  1. Okay my first question is, how do you make Zopiclone last longer? i tried it with coffee and it actually worked really well, and i heard you can do it with grapefruit juice as well, but are you supposed to take it before you pop/smoke it, when you're buzzed or when you're starting to come down?

    I read two trip rapports about people hallucinating on zopiclone, the first report used 3x7.5mg and a caffeine tab (first timer) and the other report guy first used 4x7.5mg and drank some coffee, then he went and took 4 more after a while
    a while after that he took 2 more, so that's 10x7.5mg

    So here my question is, how can i have a mild trip on zopiclone?
    i took 1 yesterday and 4x7.5mg today, i have 5 pills left in the map thing.
    Should i take 2-3x7.5mg then a cup of coffee, then wait a bit and take the remaining 2 or 3?
  2. Can't talk about that here
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  4. also i think zopiclone belongs to the Z variety of drugs that are cancer giving, and they give yo a metallic taste the next day
    dont do em
  5. Its called grasscity for a reason bro...

    ...try talking to Frank !!!!!


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