How Do You Beat The Munchies?

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  1. The only downside I've ever really found with being an avid weed smoker is the crazy munchies I get. I mean, even if I had a HUGE dinner beforehand and then smoke, and see something real good to eat, I can't help myself. I don't know what it is about food and being high but it's just soooo good :(

    If I don't think about it or am not in a kitchen, I don't really eat like crazy, but if I'm with a friend whos like "Wanna eat something?" I go nuts. All I need is the keyword EAT and I'll fucking go for it.

    My question is if anyone has any remedy to stop the munchies, or something to eat that craves it without binging like crazy??:smoking:
  2. Eat so much you feel bloated. Do it right before you go to sleep, so you don't sleep while your digestion still slows down. It will suck, but it'll kill your motivation to go munch crazy when you get high. I know it sounds stupid, but that's how I learned :laughing: :cry:

    Alternatively, you could just stock up on fruit and nuts. Delicious and healthy. Drink lots of water, you'll fill up quicker.
  3. Eat before you smoke or only snack on healthy foods. Mmm grapes. I've heard chewing gum helps too.
  4. Yeah, oranges too. And apples. Mangos. Bananas, though they leave a weird feeling in your mouth. Maybe another incentive to wait?
  5. I beat it with a big mac, fries, cheesy gordita crunch, cinnamon twists, a baconador, sea salt fries, a snickers blizzard, chicken tenders, taks from the gas station, fridos, a mango fruit punch tea, some sprees, a slim jim, a jr whopper with extra cheese and no onion, two chicken wraps, one honey mustard, the other one bbq, and to top it all off, a personal stuff crust digornio pizza.

    Ya dig?
  6. Healthy munches. Gorge yourself on some fuckin high quality food
  7. yep last week I smoked everyday and gained 5 pounds from munchies, but now when I get munchies I just eat sweet fruits like grape, watermelon, green apples etc or just get a gallon of water and watch a movie or something.
  8. that's usually how I do it. but you forgot nachos in there
  9. I gave into the munchies real bad once. Next day I took the worst shit of my life. Never gave into the munchies again.
  10. I just forget about them and they seem to go away most of the time. Until one of your dumbass friends starts talking about getting a burger king, that is :laughing:
  11. I melt butter in microwave. Add sugar and cinnamon. Sometimes some ground nuts. Tasty.
  12. Everyone gets hungry as fuck when they're high. I've eaten three boxes of Froot Loops before when I'm baked.

  13. Haha, awh man, at first i thought it said you ate three boxes of fruit by the foot. That'd be pretty easy to do :p , i hate fruit loops..
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    I usually go spend $20 on some gourmet imported chocolate, then a few dollars on Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I take a bite of the good chocolate to savor it, let it melt in my mouth slowly, then take a small bite of a peanut butter cup to mix in the salty peanut flavor with the good chocolate. OH WHY Can't Hershey use good chocolate on their peanut butter cups....they ruin a good thing with cheap hershey's chocolate. Their dark chocolate cups aren't much's just bad paraffin tasting chocolate either light milk or dark junk.

    Better yet, make your own peanut butter eggs with good imported chocolate!!!
  15. You are all not getting high enough; Have you ever been so high that you were partially imobilized and enwrapped in a spiritual tug of war with the cosmos? ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
  16. Gum bra as long as your chewing ya fine and nice teeth too ;-)
  17. I never get munchies really anymore cause I always used to just suck it up and i got used to it. Seeing food I'll want some, but other then that I don't feel them.
  18. Yeah. I get reverse munchies. Like. I can't eat eben when I'm hungry. Fucking weird.

    Couple times I enjoyed eating... My sense of taste is so heightened that I cannot just eat crap food. Lol.
  19. Teach me master.
    Is that when u go into a coma?
  20. One does not simply beat the munchies. We simply allow them to take over our lives. The munchies grow. They expand and learn new ways of starvation and lead you to crave food of mammoth size. Eat healthy...creativity died out

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