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How do you avoid skethy shit while smokin'?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokabowl, May 14, 2011.

  1. My brother just got arrested for possession again. It's 1:45 in the morning, but my parents can't go get him until hes processed in an hour.

    He's 17 and I'm 19. I've been arrested for weed and drinking twice each, most recently like 2 weekends ago I got a drinking ticket, while on court supervision (at college).

    Our town police is SUPER INSANE about busting kids for drinking/chiefing, like you have NO idea.

    Anyway, I'm done, for the summer while I'm back home at least. No I don't mean done smoking. I'm done doing sketchy shit.

    What do you guys do to avoid getting arrested? I can smoke at home, but only when my parents are gone, I can get bud delivered half the time. I also like to smoke with my friends. We don't cruise anymore but sometimes I have bud left over at the end of the night that I need to drive home with.

    brother arrested again
    we've both been arrested MULTIPLE times
    parents are super pissed/low on money
    im done doing sketchy shit
  2. Just don't put yourself in situations where you could get caught.
  3. Do you think I should ask my mom if I can smoke in the house?
    They are only against weed on the legal aspect, so they hate it in their house.

    I could say I'll have it only delivered at night and I'll use it all right then and there in the backyard, then go into my room for the night?
  4. That might work, if they know you smoke. If they know you still do, then it would be worth asking. If not, they could be super against YOU doing it, so that could end badly.
  5. Or you could do the same thing and just not tell them...
  6. If you're on foot and it's one cop, chances are you can outrun that pig.

    Don't be awkward around police or give them nervous looks. Keep your shit together if you are blazed in public.

    If the situation is looking bad, and you can toss your shit without being caught, do it. It's better to be out 20 bucks or so than be arrested.

    Also, this goes without saying but don't hang around sketchy people or in sketchy places.
  7. Avoid people who are cop magnets. That means me lol. Plan your activities as well. I know how easy it is to just get high and say fuck it go with the flow, but this is often when you put yourself in dangerous situations because of high judgement. Lastly, I would say buy large amounts. This saves money and you could only roll a joint or blunt for the use when leaving which could get you less charges and you can plan exactly how much to take places.
  8. Smoke near home, outside, in a non sketchy place, if you live at some apartments, make sure no ones outside when your smoking in the back or front or what have you, all your sessions will be stealth sessions. Consider a portable vaporizer, and/or a stationary vaporizer.

    Ask your parents in a hypothetical sense wether theyd be fine with you strictly smoking at home or friends houses, if they say yes, then your being honest and truthful with them and all is good. If they say no, then pull some stealthy ninja shit for at home smoking even when they are not present.

    Asides from maybe having to pickup your purchase of weed, do not carry bud with you while driving. Don't take any to your friends houses. You either put money down there, or share from your personal stash at home, but don't carry it with you.

  9. You answered your own question...Seems like you & your bro are pretty hard headed you obviously knew you were doing sketchy shit. Its pretty hard to get caught that many times between you and your bro just eliminate all risk when smoking...good luck :smoke:
  10. Use common sense.
  11. I just kinda avoid the sketchy shit....
  12. #13 GhostFlyer63, May 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2011
    Don't smoke in public! Your car counts as a public area, so no burn cruises. If you've got one of your boys (or maybe your lady friends) nearby, and it's cool to smoke at his house, then go there and don't leave until you've come down. Walking distance preferred btw.

    Get all of your shit together BEFORE you blaze: bud, smoking device, lighters, munchies, eye drops (a must for un-sketching your sesh), a light air freshener. Let's call it: The Stoner Survival Kit.....fuck, I should sell those to some head shops or something.:smoke:

    As for smoking in your parent's house behind their back, just don't do it man. That's a big disrespect. Maybe you can play the "I'd rather be in a safe place" card, but unless they empathize with you it could backfire.

    Edit: If you want to smoke in public, only take whatever you're going to smoke, and make them a J or an L. I know some people hate papers and leafs, but if a cop tries to approach you, you can just eat the evidence. Carrying glass around with you won't allow you to get rid of the evidence entirely. And since you have priors, I think getting a paraphernalia charge is more serious than for a first time offender (at least I think so, don't quote me on it).
  13. Golden rule: Don't smoke in public places, or anywhere where people might see you.

    Aside from that, only carry weed when you're sober, so that you give the police no reason to search you. Not sure about the US, but here it's technically not illegal to consume weed, just to possess it, so if you're high, but aren't carrying any, they can't really do anything.
  14. Best thing to do is put your self away from the general public when your toking, that way your probs less likely to get caught. I always have a routine and a a kind of checklist in my head that I have to go through before i light up. Its tedious, but I haven't been busted since :smoke:

    better safe than sorry my friend
  15. Don't smoke a blunt in front of a cop like a fucking dumbass. Don't post up in front of peoples houses. For that fact don't smoke in your car at all, there you go.
  16. umm just dont do stupid shit,think before you act man its that simple and dont bring para. or bud with you outside.if your not breaking the law you shouldnt have anything to worry about.
  17. i'd say if you're going to smoke outside, keep it moving. don't stand or sit on the curb and smoke a joint, that's just asking for a cop car to come around the corner and put his spotlight on you. take a walk and smoke your joint/blunt. if you have a dog, even better.
  18. Well shit just be normal.... lol i was baked the other daay at the bus stop waiting for the bus around 10 pm.. and an african guyis just blood shot... i questioned for a second if he was baked but i was only kidding myself...
    then he starts rolling up a joint lol and starts asking if i smoke and just answers it for himself hahah so we hazed that and got on the bus. hahah yea shit like this only happen when im baked
  19. It sounds to me like you already have a bad rep with the pesky porkers. In a small town, it can be a problem. Any place that you can basically count the entire police force on two hands is a danger zone imo. They don't usually have anything better to do.

    My advice: move away. Get an apartment with some roomies and blaze away.

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