How do you attach mylar or panda film to the wall?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by itguy, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Staplegun..
  2. yeh mate heavy duty staple gun is pretty much the answer to your question but you need to cut 2" x 2" pieces of thin card board and drive your staples through it so the weight of the film doesn't pull the staple through , adhesive spray just gives you worries

  3. Hmm - interesting idea.

    I might combine that with the spray adhesive. I like the spray because it prevents the mylar film from flapping around at all. It stays perfectly still.

  4. this is how i built my second box. framed out of wood. cut up a cereal box and staple gun it all up....still holding up.....using the cardboard evens out the tension more evenly..3 or 5staples in each piece of cardboard is enough to secure..
  5. yea, there is also that 3m double adhesive tape, works nice.

    I never liked the spaples cause ure blocking the reflective p-art where u staple a 2x2 inch CB to it.

  6. Either that or just use some velcro

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