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How Do You Afford Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jayohe12, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Do you have a job to support your habit? Do you sell it and just smoke your supply? Do you sell your body? Do you leech? Use your mom's money.? Talk to me
  2. I usually walk bourbon street from 11-3 and sell blowjobs to the men/trannies walking around.
  3. Ok I suck trucker dick for weed
  4. You sell your skill for 25 cents a pop?
  5. I used to buy a ounce n sell most of it to break even then smoke the rest for free, then got myself a job and selling just seems like a massive chore now haha
  6. Me and my fiancee work so we just buy it. I also have a very well lot and well ventilated closet so i wont have to be buying it here in 3 or 4 weeks lol.
  7. I mooch off of everyone
  8. I don't like to buy my weed. I prefer to buy CFL bulbs, lighting timers, nutrients, soil, and carbon filters if ya catch my drift :cool:
  9. "we got pounds and pounds that the world dont know about
    if i sold it, yo, they'd all be in the clouds"
  11. I have a "very well lit" closet! Using CFLs to grow only adds about $35 a month to the electric bill, and I supply myself and two other disabled seniors (hubby and best friend)!
    You know, if all of you became activists, we could get cannabis legal for all of us! Can you imagine the impact if all 502,414 of you got busy?  :eek:  And prices should start dropping by the time the second legal harvest gets in! :smoke:
    Think on this- tomatoes and cannabis take much the same care (tomatoes actually need more ferts and pesticides, and gentler handling at harvest). So what did your last gram of tomatoes cost you? :laughing:  Logically, tomatoes and cannabis should cost about the same per pound!  :smoke:
    Granny     :wave:
  12. I work 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I get payed every two weeks usually 270-320 dollars. 120 and a little more goes to gas, and the rest is free spending. 

    If I run out of money/gas/weed my mom usually helps me out since I still live with her and she doesn't mind throwing me some money here and there. Guess I'm spoiled but I don't cry to her about it, I just ask politely. When I move out though I know it's straight conserving weed and money as best as possible. Shit gets serious soon. 
  13. I have a very nice job that pays well. But I also have a side business making edibles for people, and having my hand in a few rooms, while keeping a steady supply going out every week
  14. The government buys all my weed.   Social Security don't you know.
  15. I have a job

    also working on getting the lighting right in my closet at the moment nomsayin

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    Job, sold before that.
  17. Just started working, two weeks ago. I'm addicted to money so I'm looking for a second job. 18 and on my grind.
  18. #18 SortaStoner, Jun 19, 2013
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    Well during the school year I work at subway and during the summer I work at this telephone marketing place. For being in college, I have an apartment so after all the bills I sill have a good amount of money to blow on food and weed so to say :smoke:

    Edit:if you wonder if I smoke in my apartment, I'm surrounded by only college kids so take a guess :smoke:
  19. My parents used to give me $20 every weekend for "fun money" a.k.a. allowance for doing chores and shit. That would buy my gram for the week lol.

    Then I got a job, supported the habit through the rest of high school.

    Most of freshman year of college I used my leftover financial aid. Now going into my second year I have a job to support myself again.

    Always thought about selling but it's too risky for me to want to even try.
  20. GMO- grow my own.

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