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how do you actually get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KillswitchMetal, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. like, what do you do? I usually bring it into my mouth, then bring it down my lungs, hold it there for a few seconds then blow out? Am I actually doing it right? I have been high before and I have smoked three times in a row and have this problem happen.
  2. you have been here since may and you don't know how to get high,,,?
  3. Steps on how to become inebriated by the weed cannabis sativa:

    1.) Procure the dried flowers of cannabis sativa
    2.) Place the flowers into a smoking apparatus
    3.) Burn the flowers with preffered ignition source
    4.) Inhale smoke deep into lungs
    5.) Exhale smoke

    Any questions?
  4. Toke Jopic?

  5. hmmm flowers?

    ive never heard weed called flowers.

  6. That's the part of the plant that they are.
  7. actually i had to smoke 7 times before i got high. Hows that for persistence? lol
  8. I like to light weed on fire and inhale the resultant smoke into my lungs.

    Works every time. Is this a serious question? Because I can't quite tell.
  9. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.
  10. yea your doing it right. You just burn it and inhale and exhale its like smoking a cigarette.
  11. Don't listen to everybody. I actually knew a girl who had this same problem her first time smoking with us. What are you smoking out of? If it's a bowl or a bong, are you letting go of the carb while you're inhaling? That's what my friend was forgetting to do. It's also possible that you're not taking hard enough drags when lighting it. If it's a bong, bottle, or glass bowl, you should see it fill up with smoke before you let go of the carb and inhale.

    If it's a joint/blunt, it's possible that you're simply not inhaling and just drawing the smoke into your mouth. Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, just like that. You have to breath deeply.

    Do you smoke alone? Ask the people you're toking with, if they know you're new they won't laugh at you or anything. Stoners help out other stoners.
  12. Yea follow that above me, the only difference is when you inhale cigs you dont really hold for 3-5 seconds, do that for weed
  13. When I smoke, I take a small to medium size pull (my tolerance is low. :D) and then I open my mouth only slightly and inhale until I can't inhale any deeper. Then I hold that inhalation in for about 2-3 seconds and I exhale. I don't care what anyone says about how long you're supposed to hold it in. I think holding one toke in for 8 seconds is unneccesary.
  14. Are you sure it even weed? I mean, you said you've been high before, and it just stopped. Maybe you been smokin oregeno?
  15. That strain sounds DANK!
  16. If I start mixing some strains I'm going to call one Toke Jopic :smoke:
  17. I dont think you are doing it wrong bruh.

    I hit the blunt/bowl let it sit in my mouth and do a lil french inhale and hold in for a couple seconds and blow out.

    Sometimes I take the whole hit in a french inhale.
  18. You askin like diffrent techniques??

    Theres your way just pull and inhale..
    When i smoke blunts and shit and lookin cool i do SMOKE TRICKS - Learn em on Youtube lol.... unless you got homeboys and shit..
    You could make brownies...

    But yea your doin it right

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